Wyndia is traditionally the home of the Fae Tribe, or Wing Clan. It is also the home of each Princess Nina.

The city exists, in some form, throughout the first four games. In the first Breath of Fire, it is known as Winlan. Throughout Breath of Fire II, III and IV, it is known as Wyndia, and is usually a bustling city.

Wyndia is usually built on a hill, or in such a way that it rises upwards, and contains a great number of towers, and other high buildings. Throughout the series, the Fae Tribe slowly lose their ability to fly, but this does not change their love of high places.

In every game, Wyndia is ruled by a King. A Queen also exists in the first three games, but rules the family rather than the city.

The Wyndian Royal Family usually consists of Princess Nina and at least one of her parents. In Breath of Fire II, Nina is exiled from the Kingdom, while her younger sister lives in the palace. In Breath of Fire IV, Nina is the younger sister, who leaves the palace with Cray to search for the missing Princess Elina.

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