Official art of Worent
Worent is a town in Breath of Fire IV, and also hometown of Cray, who is the acting chief of the Woren tribe that reside there. The worens themselves are a strong warlike tribe who pride themselves on their physical fitness and fighting ability. The character (and later master) Kahn comes to Worent to learn the art of fighting in order to defeat Ryu, where he apprentices himself under a woman called Una.

While Cray is away, Worent is looked after by the elders, three wise- but somewhat sleepy- old men, who are clearly affectionate for Cray and sympathtic with his situation.

The woren tribe have the appearance of tiger-human hybrids, with striped tails, ears and other smaller features. Members of the tribe in the previous games are Katt From Breath of Fire II, and Rei from Breath of Fire III.

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