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I can't find an example anywhere of what these things are meant to look like. I just wanted to mention that, much as I love the new logo, it's a mixture of characters from Breath of Fire IV and the logo from Breath of Fire. Couldn't we get something more representative of the series as a whole?


^ Can you find an example of some source images that you think would be more representative of the entire series.

Redemption 17:14, 8 October 2008 (UTC)


[edit] game name capitalisation fixing

I noticed that you were complaining about the game titles going weird when you changed them to small off instead of big Of. I looked into it and think I know why, so after I take a look around I'm going to MOVE the games to Breath of Fire capitalisation and then we need to fix all the links pointing to the old ones.


As for the image, I can't actually find images more representative of the entire series, and I've noticed that most neowikis do have similar images, that only really show one part of the game.

I suppose we could go with one of those images that shows all five Ryus, but it's not so bad as it is. It's grown on me.

Deis 12:01, 8 October 2008 (GMT)

[edit] Naming

I'm thinking that for characters or concepts that appear in multiple games, there should be a mini hub page, with a general overview, which links to more detailed pages on whatever it is in the individual game. Fishing for instances. Where appropriate, I could link to a page such as 'Fishing (BoFIII)' which would contain listings of all the fish in Breath of Fire III, as well as fishing spots, weights, rods, and bait. When a game is not specified, I could link to the general fishing page.

When a game is specified, I think the following abbreviations should be used at the end of the page name as standard;

Breath of Fire: BoF Breath of Fire II: BoFII Breath of Fire III: BoFIII Breath of Fire IV: BoFIV Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter: BoF:DQ

Although, in that last case, 'DQ' could also work.

Deis 23:14 8th October 08 (GMT)

I think I know exactly what you're talking about regarding characters that appear in multiple pages. One way of doing this is to do it like how Disgaea has been doing the pages, they do one per game. Check out this page:

The pages they link to are in the form:


For instance, "Fishing (Disgaea 2)". They then use a custom title to hide the (Disgaea 2).

Redemption 01:34, 9 October 2008 (UTC)

They do the same thing in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, which happen to be the only pages I can look at for fear of spoilers.

Do I have to use North American spelling, or is English fine? If I recall correctly, Canadian and Australia tend to be a mixture of the two. Furthermore, my firefox spell check will tell me it's right in English and wrong in American.

Neoseeker standardizes on the British spelling for most things in the past. tekmosis erroneously indicated otherwise elsewhere, HOWEVER, you should also include alternate spellings especially for page names so that there will be redirects. The major exception to this is our color tag in the nTags.

[edit] Tables

How can I make a table template which allows me to vary the number of rows? For instance, I'm using a standard template for shoplists in the first Breath of Fire's info, and here you'll notice that there's one few item to reach the end of the table.

There's also another table I want to use for several things - the one for spell lists. I want to use the same table for the first four Nina's spells, but they learn different amounts, so I need different amounts of rows, and I dunno how.:(

(You'll notice that the first Nina's spells are filled in).

Deis 11:47 9th October 2008 (GMT)

You might want to ask this in the Wiki Help forum.

Redemption 07:56, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

Did. Got linked to a page way too advanced for me, and condescending remarks when I asked for clarification. Felt stupid, cried. Carried on doing it the hard way.

Deis 11:47 9th October 2008 (GMT)

[edit] Main Header

I took it down because it's completely wrong for the series. It shows two characters from Dragon Quarter, which is the odd game out of the series. It's simply cropped from a larger image with a little bit of blurring, which, to be honest, I could have done. And I have a much better idea.

Incidentally, I did point that out before it was made. And offered alternative images. These weren't included because they were 'received too late' - even though I got the request at 10:30 at night, and replied just after midnight. Now imagine if I didn't have insomnia.

I'll spend the weekend fixing it. If I don't have a better image by Monday, I'll temporarily put it back up - despite its faults.

Deis 12:37pm 17th October 2008 (GMT)

I've added the header image back in. While the image may not necessarily reflect the series as a whole it still relates and it is better to have something graphically appealing than a broken image link which may make the wiki look worse off than the image itself. If another image is done feel free to replace Header.jpg --tekmosis 18:00, 17 October 2008 (UTC)

Alright, I'll try to remember that I'm not three years old. Apologies. Will also try to remember how to type the date and time correctly.

But I am going to get a replacement image.

Deis 22:39 17th October 2008 (GMT)

I actually quite like the header. Though a pic representing the whole of the series would be better, it'd be difficult to find. I suppose the only option would be to ask someone if you could borrow their fanart for the header, cuz I know some people draw pictures that relate to the whole series. The picture with all the Ryu's is nice, but I'm not sure if it's really header material. Seeing as DQ is the last game in the series, I think it's fine up there, especially since we've got a picture from III in the corner too.

-Nina Wyndia

I actually have a graphics artist and two ideas.

Firstly, would it be at all possible to have rotating headers, like in the UK forum?

Secondly, if that isn't possible, how about a header which flicks from image to image? Since there are only five games in the series, that would be far more practical than it would for other series'.

If there are no objects regarding file size, I'm going with the second idea.

Deis 22:56 18th October 2008 (GMT)

[edit] Clarity

A few habits I've gotten into while editing the wiki include the following;

Starting with a sentence that specifies which game the character/item/location/event comes from, and how they relate - ie, Elina is a Princess of Wyndia in Breath of Fire IV, Deathevan is the final boss of Breath of Fire III, Yua is Ryu's younger sister in Breath of Fire II.

Ideally, I'd like all articles to completely stand alone - you wouldn't need to remember where you got there from, you could just read it and find all the information you need. And part of that is specifying the game early on.

That also allows us to link back to the game in question, which makes navigation a lot easier, imo.

On that note, for characters like Nina, Ryu and Deis, on their pages, there're sections on each game. I've tried to link to the right section most of the time - that is, if I'm talking about BoFII and Ryu comes up, I'd link to Ryu#Ryu in Breath of Fire II instead of just Ryu (and obviously, I'd hide that link on an article).

Another thing I'd like to avoid is using abbreviations for game titles within articles. There's no harm in that really, I just think it looks more professional. Abbreviations are encouraged for titles, though. One day, I'll learn how to use those custom title things to hide them.

One thing I'd like to do in future is find a way to categorise the pages, regarding which game they're from. That would make it easier to find specific information, as well as make whatever we've missed more obvious. Thread here.

Oh, wait, one final thing. In spoiler tags, please specify which game the spoilers are for. "the game" might make people cry, if they don't mind spoilers for BoFII, but are avoiding them for BoFIV. We don't want to make people cry.

Deis 10:57am 20th October 2008 (GMT)

[edit] Categories

'kay, ignore what I said about categories in my last comment. I figured out how to do it.

I'm going to spend the next hour or so systematically sorting the pages into categories. All you need to do is add one or more of the following tags to the page when you create a new one;

  • Category:Breath of Fire]]
  • Category:Breath of Fire II]]
  • Category:Breath of Fire III]]
  • Category:Breath of Fire IV]]
  • Category:Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter]]

You need to replace my little star with '[['. If I write it properly, it doesn't show at all.

If a page relates to more than one game, go ahead and add more than one tag. Some pages, like Nina or Ryu will have all five tags.

The link to a category page will appear at the end of the page that's been edited. I'd like to put those links on the main page later, if I cba with it after sorting through all 53 pages (our little baby's all grown up.;( ).

Edit: Oh, nvm, just noticed that they appear automatically. Yay.


Later on, maybe we could have other categories - characters, enemies, bosses, items, locations, whatever.

Deis 11:24am 20th October 2008 (GMT)

[edit] Re: Categories

Do you think BoF is big enough so that each of the games has multiple categories.


Breath of Fire II Characters
Breath of Fire II Items
Breath of Fire II NPCs

etc etc.

The reason why I say this is that when pages are categorized properly I can integrate them with Neoseeker with nice categories. Check out this page for more details:

I think we could. Each game has between 3-8 player characters, for a start. I'm not sure about items, since at present, I'm only focusing on strange items, like the Ivory Dice in BoFIII, or the best weapons/armour available in the game. But locations, yeah, since there are quite a few.

I'll think about it, and maybe do something with it over the next few days. Atm, I'm mostly concentrating on BoF1 while I replay it, so that should have a pretty good collection of pages soon.


Yeah, I think we could definitely have characters and NPCs, and locations too, cuz I've already done a couple of pages on some of the main locations. Not sure about items though, rare or interesting items are fair enough, but I'm not sure many people would be interested in a page with just the general stuff.

-Nina Wyndia

I've created Location and Character subcategories for the first game (and created location categories for all other games, but not added anything except Wyndia to them). Locations and characters for BoF1 are integrated with Neo. I'll do the rest tomorrow if I cba.

Can anyone think of any other categories?


[edit] Message from Deis

Good luck guys.

Sincerely yours, Kali