Talk:Detailed Storyline (Breath of Fire)

[edit] atdt and artefacts

I was wondering whether those were spelling errors or intentional spellings, but I saw that you wrote out the word "antidote" in the first part so I figured the second part was a typo (I was going to even make my edit note say "fix typos <-- can someone confirm those are typos" hehe. Re:artefacts, they really spell the word like that in the game?? Is that intentional by devs or bad english that got past their QA?

Redemption 16:25, 9 October 2008 (UTC)

Artefacts is good English. Maybe bad American/Canadian, but good English.;p

I don't mind leaving it as antidotes. I'm not sure whether to stay with the in game spellings or un-constrict them. I think most people will be able to figure it out for themselves, anyway.

Deis 17:18 9th October 2008 (GMT)