Status Effects (BoF)

In the Breath of Fire series, there are many different status types. These each have different affects on the characters and are usually initiated by an enemy attack or a trap in a dungeon.


[edit] Asleep

The character will not be able to move until the end of combat. According to the booklet, this can be cured with either a panacea or a purify. Within the game, a 'panacea' is a Charm.

[edit] Poison

When a character is poisoned, they take health damage every step that is taken. This character's sprite will have a purple tint in the over world map. In battle, the character bares a purple "ghost" like apparition above and to the left of them.

Poison can be cured with an Antidote, Charm or what the booklet refers to as a 'purify'.

[edit] Curse

Causes 'bad luck' - the character will dodge attacks less, and make less critical hits. The booklet claims that this can be cured with a tablet, panacea or a purify. Panacea translates to Charm within the game.

[edit] Zombie

The character's attack and defence become 1. This can be cured with what the booklet calls Tear of Vem, panacea, or purify. The Tear of Vem is known as a T. Drop in the game, while a panacea is a Charm.

[edit] Stun

The stun ability is brought on when a character's health reaches zero. In battle, they are in a sprawled position, as they are unable to fight. In laymen's term, the character is dead.

The game's booklet translates this as 'unconscious', and says that it can be healed with a Panacea, Raise Dead, or a Resurrect. These translate to, in order, Charm, Life and Life2.

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