Scias is from the Grassrunner tribe, and so has the appearance of a human-dog hybrid.
Scias stands out from the other characters, due to his bad stutter, which infects most of his dialogue. He is the 5th character to join the party, and does so in Ludia, when he is posted to watch over Ryu, Nina and Ershin and stop them from escaping after they arrested. However, he takes his leader's commands a little too literally - he has only been told to 'watch over' them, not to actually stop them from doing anything, or inform on them when they do. He decides to accompany them to Wyndia.

During the war Scias served as a mercenary, but now, a year after the truce was called, he's having trouble getting work. Being a person interested only in money, this is a problem for him. He's willing to do pretty much anything to get some cash, and plans to sell out Ryu to Ludia. However, at the last minute he changes his mind, after watching the others and realising that self-gain is not always important as helping others. He throws the money away, and helps fight off the Ludian attacks. After this, Scias becomes a trustworthy part of the group.

Unlike the other characters, who all have extra special actions they can use out of battle (such as Ryu's slash technique, or Cray's pushing ability) Scias is singled out as the only one who does not possess such an ability. Because of this, some consider him to be the least important member of the party.

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