Sara (Breath of Fire)

Warning: This page contains spoilers for the first Breath of Fire game.

Sara is the sister of Ryu in the original Breath of Fire game. In the game's manual, she is described as "a shaman who can summon powerful magic".

She is a member of the Light Dragon branch of the Dragon Tribe. By this time, the name 'Dragon' is a bit of a misnomer - the family have long since lost their ability to transform. The Dark Dragon family are not aware of this, and thus, when Zog, King of the Dark Dragons decides to take over the world, they are a threat and the first target. The game begins with the Light Dragon family awakening with their village, Drogen, under attack.

Knowing that they cannot win this confrontation, Sara quickly turns all the villagers to stone, in order to protect them from harm. Then she heads outside to face Zog's second-in-command, Jade, alone. She loses the battle, and presumably dies. Her lasts word to her brother are;

"Be strong. When you're a warrior, you'll bring peace to the world."

It may be this that triggers Ryu's future actions - to become the legendary Dragon Warrior who defeated the Goddess Tyr.

Throughout the rest of the series, Ryu only has one other sister - Yua, of Breath of Fire II.

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