Romero is a town in the original Breath of Fire game. It is referred to as 'the backwards town'.

Nina first visits Romero in search of the Remedy for her father, after he is poisoned by the Wizard of Karma on Emperor Zog's orders. Once there, she finds the city full of zombies. Talking to a few villagers reveals that this is due to the Wizard's potion - and that since he began using it, girls have begun disappearing. The ground has also become discoloured.

Romero contains an item shop, a storage place, a weapon shop, an Inn (60gp per night) and a Dragon Temple.

You can also find a ProtnB in a chest of the drawers in the house to the Northeast.

[edit] Item Shop

Shop List
Item Description Price
Mrbl3 Can travel avoiding enemies. 9g
Herb This item recovers some HP. 9g
Antdt Works as an antidote. 13g
Acorn This item will recover AP. 30g
Life Cures "Stun" state. 450g
Cure This item recovers some HP. 1800g.

[edit] Weapon Shop

Shop List
Item Description Price
Sabre ATTK 8, Wt. 2, One-Handed. (Ryu) 400g
ShortRP ATTK 5, Wt. 1, One-Handed. (Nina) 400g
BronzeRP ATTK 7, Wt. 2, One-Handed. (Nina) 800g
BronzeSH DFND 8, Wt. 3, SHD. (Ryu) 500g
BronzeHT DFND 10, Wt. 4, HLM. (Ryu) 1200g
Gown DFND 18, Wt. 1, ARM. (Nina) 2000g
ChainML DFND 20, Wt. 2, HLM. (Ryu) 2000g.
SilkGN DFND 15, Wt. 4, ARM. (Nina) 2800g
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