Warning: This page contains spoilers for Breath of Fire I, II and III.

Myria is the main antagonist in the first three Breath of Fire games. In Breath of Fire III, it is revealed that Deis is her sister.

[edit] Myria in Breath Of Fire

Within the first Breath of Fire game, Myria is known as Tyr. When the game begins, she is contained. A legend tells that she appeared, when the Dragon Tribe were at the peak of their power. Styling herself the Goddess of Desire, Tyr granted wishes, and the Dragons began to fight each other for the right to her. Eventually, it is said, that a Dragon Warrior, along with his seven companions, managed to trap her, scattering the six Goddess Keys throughout the world. The Light Dragon family restored peace and balance to the tribe.
Tyr as she appears in the second round of the final battle.

As the game begins, Zog of the Dark Dragons has collected all six keys, and intends to unleash Tyr upon the world once more.

When Ryu removes the E.Key from the Quake Machine in Nanai, he hears her voice.

" while you can for I am returning..."

Tyr appears as a very young, very sweet girl - until she is angered.

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