Ludia is a town in Breath of Fire IV
The town of Ludia

The kingdom of Ludia, where it always rains, resides on the south of the east continent, near Worent. The prince of Ludia was supposedly engaged to Princess Elina, which encouraged rumours that she had run away. This was an arranged marriage, concieved to consolidate shaky relations between Wyndia and Ludia, and to form an alliance between them.

This is not helped when Ryu and the party sneak into the Fou Empire and are caught. Ludia is left to settle negotiations to gain their safe return, which comes costly as the Empire demands an increase of neutral land in Eastern territory. The Ludians are further angered when they discover that Ryu has broken the King's Sword, a precious heirloom belonging to them, and so imprison Cray and put him on trial, whilst placing the other characters under house arrest.

Ludia has the appearance of a small industrial town, with lots of machinery, and a factory that deals with aurum, an item akin to 'skill ink' in Breath of Fire III, which could move skills learnt from one character and give them to another.

To reach Ludia from Worent, you must pass through the Wynch Wood, and several travellers in Ludia complain of strange incidences that have happened to them (which may or may not be the pranks of faeries).

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