L & D Cave

The L & D Cave is a location in the first Breath of Fire game. It is located east of Auria, and the party needs to travel through it to reach both the L & D Tower and Bleak. Presumably, 'L & D' stand for 'Light and Dark'.

[edit] Enemies

  • Flies - in groups of one to six. Flies have around 60hp each. It will probably be best to have Nina use the E.Key while Ryu and Bo attack separate enemies. This is likely to be the only fight in which the party actually takes damage, especially as the flies are faster than your characters.
  • Midgits - in groups of two. Have Ryu and Bo target one each while Nina uses the E.Key to defeat them in one turn.
  • Bullies - again, they attack in groups of two, and have around 60hp. Use the exact same strategy as for the midgits, and they won't be able to touch you.

[edit] Items

The first time you pass through the cave, your party will consist of Bo, Nina and Ryu. These characters will be unable to pick up most of the treasure chests (which are hidden behind locked doors, which can be opened by Karn, or behind walls which can be broken by Ox).

For this party, the path through the cave will be essentially linear. Simply head down the stairs, and follow the straightforward route. After a while, the party will find themselves walking south along the eastern wall. When the path splits, go west first, to pick up a ShellHT and a Cure. Then go back, and choose the southern path to reach the stairs back to the ground floor.

Again, the path on this floor is completely linear, although at the end, the party can choose between a northern and southern path. The northern path heads back to the entrance, while going south will take the party to Bleak.

[edit] Note

Remember to heal before leaving the cave - some of the monsters outside are quite capable of defeating a weakened party.

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