Karn is a character in the first Breath of Fire video game. He is a thief, who dreams of becoming a master of his art. He is the 4th character to join the party. He also has the unique ability to fuse with combination of either Bo, Gobi, Ox or Mogul to create a stronger
A portrait of Karn.

He has the appearance of a caricature of a negro, though this was changed in the UK releases of the Gameboy Advance port.

Statistically, he has a medium level up rate and favours attack and defence over magical attributes. This is ironic, seeing as his spells are some of the best for a sizable portion of the game.

[edit] In Game

The party first hears rumours of Karn in Bleak, his hometown. His report leads them to believe that he could assist them in freeing the madman's imprisoned daughter.

They then encounter him in the Krypt, wherein they are trapped in a room that is gradually flooding. Karn appears and helps them out, asking them why they were looking for him. After explaining the situation, Karn agrees to help the heroes on the proviso that they help him find the Book of Thieves, an item which will bestow upon him the title of world's greatest thief. He joins the party and together, they open coffins. After all of the coffins are opened they discover that the Book was a mere myth, employed by the Dark Dragons to send fools to their dooms.

[edit] Weapons

Karn's weaponry consists mainly of daggers.

Best Weapons/Armour
Name Stats Obtained Additional Comments
Weapon IcyDR At the top of Agua Tower, behind one of the pillars. Return there as soon as Karn is in the party.
Shield MaskSH
Armour QuartzAR
Helmet PowerHT

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