Ivory Dice (BoFIII)

The Ivory Dice is an item in Breath of Fire III, which, when used on an enemy, doubles the amount of experience and zenny earned.

For example, using it on a Vulcan results in the following increases;

White dice.jpg

  • 1 dice = 600 exp, 900 zenny.
  • 2 dice = 1200 exp, 3600 zenny.
  • 3 dice = 2400 exp, 7200 zenny.
  • 4 dice = 4800 exp, 14400 zenny.
  • 5 dice = 9600 exp, 28800 zenny.
  • 6 dice = 19200 exp, 57600 zenny.
  • 7 dice = 21845 exp, and a little over 57k zenny.

As you can see, the experience caps at 21845, while the zenny caps around 57k. Therefore, it is more profitable, when using a Vulcan (one of the most exp and ap rich random enemies of the game) to use six dice at a time, rather than seven. Because Vulcans are fairly easy to defeat and give extremely high exp and zenny in comparison to this, you will almost certainly be using Ivory Dice to level against them rather than anything else. They can be found in Mt. Zublo, near Deis. Remember to cast 'burn' on them at least once; if you don't, the given exp will begin at 60 per character instead of the 300 you're aiming for.

Ivory Dice can only be found in a few places. However, you can use the Faerie Copy Shop to create more. A fairy with a full Sky Blue bar has a better chance of success. Save before entering the village, as success or failure is not determined until you enter.

It takes the fairies exactly fourteen battles to copy one Ivory Dice. This means that it is possible to set up a production line - have fourteen fairies working to copy Ivory Dice at once. Simply set one, fight one random battle, then set the second. After the last one is told to start copying, the first one will finish. This is the most efficient way, since you can guarantee success by saving just outside of the village each time. You can continue this production line for as long as you wish.

Should you have more than one fairy completing their copying at once, there is a higher chance that at least one will fail.

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