Hunting (BoF)

In the first Breath of Fire game, you will sometimes see animals appear on the world map. These can be shot, using Bo's bow, by pressing A, with Bo in the lead (use the 'R' and 'L' buttons to switch between party members). The animals and their positions will change with each battle.

Bo's bow has a range of around four squares straight ahead, and when the animal catches sight of you it will attempt to run away. You may find it easiest to shoot an animal near to a forest (Bo can walk through them, but the animals can't), or near to the edge of an island or continent.

Animal Item Effect Comments
Boar Meat Recovers party HP by around 70hp each. Sells for 200g.
Bird WMeat Recovers party HP. Birds can be difficult to catch, as they can fly over the water. White Meat sells for 400g.
Deer Antlers Acts as an antidote. Sells for 250g.
White Deer W.Ant Recovers AP. Sells for 1500g.

As you can see, hunting can be a fairly decent source of income early in the game, should you find yourself short of money. You may wish to use mrbl3's, in order to prevent random encounters when hunting something specific. Meat and WMeat may both turn out to be extremely useful later, especially when one considers the size of the inventory within the game.

It is said that, if you manage to shoot an animal just as it jumps, you will gain the item and leave the animal alive. This has yet to be tested - presumably, one would need to trap the animal in an area where it couldn't move. (This has been tested at least once and was not reproduced.)

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