Goddess Keys

Within the world of the original Breath of Fire, there is a legend of the capture of the Goddess Tyr. It specifies that the Goddess was captured by a warrior and his seven friends, and locked up using the six Goddess Keys. As the game begins, the Dark Dragons claim to be in possession of all six keys, and are preparing to release the Goddess. Throughout the game, Ryu's party attempts to steal the keys back.


[edit] E.Key

The Earth Key is liberated from Nanai, where it is being used to power the quake machine. The E.Key can be used in battle to create an earthquake attack, which does a standard 30 damage to every enemy on the field. The E.Key can be used as many times as one wishes.

[edit] KngKey

The King Key is received in Agua, after defeating the Guardian of the Key. It is used to operate the Stone Robot.

[edit] L.Key

The Light Key is first heard of in Auria, where it is rumoured to be locked in the safe. In Bleak, the party learn that the key has been taken from there.

[edit] DkKey

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