The Fishing mini-game appears in every Breath of Fire game, except for Dragon Quarter. It is used as a way to gain rare equipment as well as a game in its own right.


[edit] Breath of Fire

Fishing (BoF)

Fishing in Breath of Fire requires almost no skill - simply a knowledge of where the wells are. It is through Fishing that one can find the Dragon equipment.

[edit] Breath of Fire II

Fishing (BoFII)

[edit] Breath of Fire III

Fishing (BoFIII)

In Breath of Fire III Fish can be traded to Manillos for rare items and equipment such as Life Armour (the best armour for Ryu and Rei), and Ivory Dice

Although fish will vary in weight, for each one, a certain weight is listed as the best; catching a fish above this weight will result in a crown logo appearing next to it's image. Catching a heavier fish of the same type will have no further effect.

[edit] Breath of Fire IV

Fishing (BoFIV)

Fishing in Breath of Fire IV is essentially similar to that in Breath of Fire III.

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