Fairy Woods BoF

The Fairy Woods mark the first appearance of fairies in the Breath of Fire series. Fairy villages also appear in Breath of Fire II, III, IV and Dragon Quarter.

After the Stone Robot sacrifices himself, your party will be able to cross the river. If you enter the small gap in the forest, you will find a group of fairies, who threaten to put a spell on you if you cut any trees down. A little to the east, you will find a flower ring, where a man has been cursed to walk around and round in circles.

In Auria, you will meet the man's mother, who will ask you to save him. Head back and talk to the fairies (it may be best to warp to Tantar, and then go south from there, rather than walk through Cape Cave again). The fairies will ask if you promise to stop him from logging - and don't cut down any trees yourself.

Nina gasps "Of course not!", and the fairies agree to release him. Head to the flower circle again, and talk to the fairies who have now appeared, and to the young man. Then head back to Auria (again, use warp if you wish), and talk to his mother to claim your reward of 20,000gp.

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