Ershin is a character in Breath of Fire IV. She is the third character to join your party.

Warning: From this point on, this page contains spoilers for Breath of Fire IV.


Ershin is considered unusual by several characters. She appears to be completely covered in armour (which is never removed), and talks about herself in the third person. She often laughs at inappropriate times.

Later, it is revealed that she is merely a suit of armour, with no body inside it. Instead, she is possessed by the spirit of Deis, who was called to this world from another, without her own physical body.

When Deis abandons the armour, it stops working. After realising that the armour has been a loyal servant, Deis agrees to re-inhabit it until the end of the game. Should the player achieve the bad ending of the game, in which Fou-Lu and Ryu join forces with the former in control, she will not attack. Instead, she will simply defend until the party is defeated.

[edit] In Game


[edit] Ershin's Spells

Ershin's (Deis') Spells
Spell Effect AP Cost Learned at level...
Wild Shot 7
Quake 23
Inferno 28
Typhoon 35
Primus 45

The first skill listed here is essentially an upgrade of a physical attack. The rest of the list consists of spells Deis has used in previous games.

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