Elina is a character in Breath of Fire IV.

A princess of Wyndia, and incidentally, Nina's older sister, does not actually appear in much of the game.
Elina's character portrait in-game
However, she does have a large influence on the plotline, as before the beginning of the game she is kidnapped by the empire to the west, and Nina sets out to find her with Cray.

Many of the citizens in Wyndia believe that she wasn't kidnapped, and that that instead she ran away, due to her betrothal to the prince of Ludia. She has a strong relationship with Cray, and it is heavily implied that they were in love.

Warning: From this point on, this page contains spoilers for Breath of Fire IV.

Towards the end of the game, and after many attempts by Ryu's party to sneak into the West, they finally find Elina in Astana. She is a captive of Yuna, who has been using her body as part of his experiments on the Endless. The bottom half of her body has been replaced with a structure of organs Yuna has grown, and Elena herself has become an Endless, unable to die.

However, she sees this as a curse, and not wishing to live any longer in her disfigured state, she asks Cray to kill her with the Dragon Slayer.

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