Detailed Storyline Part Two (Breath of Fire)

Warning: This page contains spoilers for the first Breath of Fire game.
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[edit] Lake Cave

Head north from Tantar to the cave next to the Stone Robot. Once inside go north and follow the linear path. Along the way, you'll pass a treasure chest containing a W.ptn.

Once you're back out on the world map, head to the other cave entrance nearby. Go down the stairs.

Continue through the cave until your party falls down the waterfall. From there, go south, until you come up on the island with a treasure chest containing a Life. Go to the island south-east of there, and make your way to the chest containing a Life2. Take the nearby stairs down.

The next few rooms are extremely linear. Once you come out into another large room, head north to find a chest containing 2000gp. Go down the nearby stairs into the water, and make your way to the island to the east, with a chest containing a Herb. Continue to the eastern edge.

Go south for a chest containing an acorn, then take the only remaining path and fall down this waterfall.

Head to the island just to your right, and pick up the SkySH in the chest. Finally, make your way east again, and pick up the Ring from the unusual treasure chest. This ring can be equipped as an accessory, and picking it up will start the teleporter working. Step on it to find yourself near the entrance to the cave. Once on the world map, warp back to Tantar.

Back in Tantar, your party will be greeted with the news that they are "ready for the ceremony". Save now.

Speak to the Chief of Tantar to become witnesses to a wedding ceremony. The chief will then tell you that you can reach the town in the South using the Stone Robot - as your party will have learned earlier, the Dark Dragons destroyed the bridge to the port town.

On exiting Tantar, you will find another Dark Dragon General has stolen the Stone Robot, and is planning to destroy the village. He destroys Tuntar as the party watches - fortunately, it has been abandoned for the wedding.

As the general prepares to destroy Tantar as well, the Robot freezes, and the party seize their chance. Running to the Robot, they make their way to its brain, where they face the general.

After the battle, the general will disappear, and the Stone Robot will start moving. They get out near the southern volcano, shortly before the Stone Robot walks into it, destroying himself. This causes the volcano to overflow, and the magma solidifies over the river, creating a bridge.

Nina says "There was a quiet voice. It said 'Goodbye...'"

Bo replies "And it asked us not to make the same mistake."

The party decides to cross the river and head south.

[edit] Dragon Shrine

There is a very small building hidden in the cluster of trees nearby. With Ryu in the lead, head inside.

When Ryu addresses the guard, he will say "You need proper training to break the seal" before allowing Ryu (but not the others) to pass. Take the chest from the right-hand side, and drink the healing water to the left. Then walk towards the Dragon God in the centre.

The Dragon God will say "You'll have completed this step, if you can survive this test," before attacking Ryu.

After the battle, Talon will congratulate Ryu on completing his training, and advise him to use his powers to restore peace to the world. Ryu will be completely healed, and can now transform into SnoDr, FlmDR or ThrDR in battle.

Leaving the shrine, to the south, you will notice a little round glade in the forest. Enter there to talk to the fairies. They won't say anything very interesting, although they will threaten to cast a spell on you should you cut down any trees. If you go west from here to a flower circle, you will find a man who cannot leave.

Head to Cape Cave, in the south-west.

[edit] Cape Cave

The cave is extremely straightforward and contains no items. Follow the linear path until it splits, then head south, as the western path is blocked. Once outside, head south to the portside town of Auria.

[edit] Auria

As soon as you step inside the town, you will find yourself imprisoned. Examine the sink in the corner for PrisnCL, then talk to the man sleeping in the bed. He'll open the door for you.

Head to the weapon shop next door first. Here, on the upper floor, you will hear two interesting rumours - that Zog can transform into a dragon, and that there was once a kingdom of skilled thieves that was destroyed by the Dark Dragons. Push the drawers away from the hole in the wall, and head through it. Push the urn forwards, and then examine it for a Life2. Now head downstairs and buy a vitamin for the man with hiccups - although it costs 650g, he will reward you with 5000g. A very fair trade. You may also wish to pick up a pouch, a rod, and maybe some bait (worms).

As you explore the town, avoid the guards, as they will promptly return you to jail. In one house, just above the stairs, to the left, you can find a Life, in the north-western corner, and an S.Ptn in the nearby drawer. In a drawer upstairs, you'll find a Cure, and another chest containing a W.Ant. In the house next door, you will find a chest containing a Life, and a V.Ptn in the nearby drawers. Upstairs, you'll find 2000gp in the drawers, and a chest containing a mrbl1.

Go the houses behind them now. In the one to the left, you can find a SmartRG in the drawers, and an Acorn in the chest. This is an accessory that you may wish to equip on Nina. Speaking to the woman in this house will reveal that she is the mother of the boy stuck in the fairy ring. She will ask you to save her son. Upstairs you can find a Life and an Antdt. To help the boy, head back to the Fairy Woods,talk to the fairies there, then head to the ring and talk to the fairy there. Head back to Auria and talk to the boys mother to receive your reward of 20,000gp. It may be quicker if you warp between Tantar and Auria, rather than walk back through Cape Cave. While doing this, you may also want to warp to Winlan, or somewhere else with Storage, and retrieve any coins you have saved.

Talking to a few of the townsfolk will reveal that darkness never falls on Auria due to the L.Key - and that you must go through the safe to reach it.

Once you have your 20,000gp, head to the house just to the east of here. In here, don't touch the chest on the ground floor - it's rigged to a burglar alarm, and you'll find yourself thrown in jail again. If that happens, simply ask the man in the bed to let you out again.

The drawers on the ground floor contain a L.Ptn, while upstairs you will find a Marbl3, and a Cure.

A man in the bathroom will ask Nina to fix his aching back. Should you agree, the screen goes mercifully black, and Nina leaves with another 20,000gp.

Head to the docks now, and talk to the man by the ship, who will inform you that it is owned by Ross. Head to the northernmost mansion to talk to Ross about borrowing it. You may also wish to upgrade your equipment on the way past the weapon's shop.

Head to the second floor, where you can find 2000gp in a room to the north-east. You can also find a Cure and a GTiara inside the two chests - enter the room from the room just to the south of it.

Head back downstairs and talk to Ross. He'll agree to lend you his ship if you can get his daughter out of the safe. Agree, although that isn't possible right now. Head to the item shop, and buy a G.Bar (remember, you can sell the GTiara for 10,000gp). Once you have it, leave town and head east to the nearby cave.

The men at the entrance will warn you to be careful of thieves in Bleak.

[edit] L & D Cave

Most of the dungeon is closed off by locked doors. Simply follow the linear path around.

Your best strategy in battles will probably be to have Nina use the E.Key while Ryu and Bo attack separate monsters. It's unlikely that the stronger monsters will attack in groups of greater than two.

At one point, your party will be walking south, against the eastern wall. When the path splits, take the left path, instead of the southern one, to reach two chests containing a Cure and a ShellHT. Go back and take the southern path.

Shortly after the path turns to the west, you'll see a set of stairs. Head up them.

This new floor is, again, completely linear. Near the end, you'll come to a north/south split. From here you can head South, to exit immediately, or go north, in order to press the button which will open the gate near the entrance. This will allow you to return to Auria, although the gate will have closed again when you next enter.

On leaving the cave, make sure your HP is healed. While most of the enemies in this new area are fairly run-of-the-mill, the G-Slimes are fairly powerful. While they offer 1000exp each, running into a large group of them may well wipe your party out. Unlike in most multi-enemy battles, have Ryu and Bo target the same enemy while Nina uses the E.Key. You should be able to kill one each turn this way, and hopefully reduce the number of attacks your party suffers. have Nina use the E.Key even when only one remains, as it is stronger than her normal attack.

Once you exit the L & D Cave, you will see a tower just to the east. The town of Bleak is south of the tower, on the opposite bank of the river. Head north, and then go around clockwise around the river, until you are south of the tower.

[edit] Bleak

Talking to the townsfolk will reveal a few rumours - that the sky's been dark since the L.Key was taken from the L.Keep, and that an old man there has the river. And that there's a connection between the Goddess and the DkKey.

Don't have your fortune told by the fortune teller behind the Dragon Temple - she's a con artist. However, do look in the house behind her for a Life2. Simply move the barrel in the south-western room, and press 'A' to examine the floor where it was standing.

In the north-western house behind the shops, you'll find two chests containing Herbs on the second floor. Downstairs is a magician, who will offer to show you a trick for 100g. This is also a scam, but if you answer "yes", twice, then "no" twice, and finally "yes", you'll see a cameo of Chun Li from Street Fighter. You'll find another two chests containing herbs in the house next door.

The Inn offers free lodging, but do not take them up on this unless you have the pouch in your inventory. The owner of the Inn will attempt to steal your money in the middle of the night. Should you have the pouch, the party receives 5000g in return for their silence.

Finally, head to the northernmost house.

People here will discuss the Book of Thieves, a mythical book which lists the tricks of thieves. It's rumoured to be in Krypt.

The old man in north-western corner will tell you that Karn could open the safe, and rescue Ross' daughter - but he's gone to Krypt, in search of the book. He offers to trade you an Icicle for your G.Bar, so that you can travel in the desert. Upstairs, you'll find chests containing a Life and a W.Ant. Now leave Bleak, and head west until you reach a cave.

[edit] Desert Cave

There are no items here. Follow the linear path to the exit. At the end, Ryu will use the Icicle, and your party will be able to exit the cave.

Outside, head south across the desert - the town of Arad is in the centre. Along the way, you'll pass a moving town. This will be relevant later.

[edit] Arad

Speaking to the townsfolk reveals that the Fife can create a bridge, allowing one to enter Krypt. This Fife is owned by the mayor.

Head to the northern house and speak to the mayor. Should you wish to heal and/or save first, the Inn is the western building just in front of the entrance. A dragon temple is in the northwestern corner of it. The Inn is free.

The Mayor says he will allow the party to use the Fife - if they defeat the Sandworm which appears every new moon. Fortunately, tonight is a new moon, so your party will not have long to wait after agreeing. Leave the building, and head to the north-eastern corner of the town to fight the Sandworm.

After the battle, you will find yourself back in the mayor's house. Take the Fife from the chest behind him.

Heal and save if you wish (it's free, remember), then leave Arad and head south, to a town surrounded by whirlpools. This is Krypt. Stand on the cement tile to the south, and press 'A' to make the bridge appear.

[edit] Krypt

The E.Chest's in Krypt don't seem to be terribly bothered by physical attacks. Use the E.Key to take away the bulk of their HP, and have Ryu and Bo whittle away at what's left. They have around 50hp, and give over a thousand experience each.

For the first floor, simply follow the linear path around to the stairs.

On this next floor, you'll find yourself in the middle of a large room. There are quite a few chests in here, but they are all booby-trapped (this is where the legendary books of thieves is hidden, after all). There are also pit-traps which will drop you to a lower floor. Should you happen to fall, simply make your way to the north-eastern corner, where there are stairs leading back up. You'll come up just to the north of the stairs that you first entered this floor by.

From the first set of stairs, head slightly south. Do not walk directly inbetween the two platforms in front of you, as you will be unable to avoid a trap. Instead, walk around to the west of the platform with a chest on it in order to reach it. The chest contains a herb, but will trigger a fire trap, damaging your lead character by 50hp.

The next treasure chest is directly west of here, two platforms away. Simply walk down from that first chest, and go straight west. Do not walk along the northern edge, as doing so will mean falling through the other pit-trap. This chest contains a Life, but opening it will poison your lead character.

From here, move to the western wall, and head north against it. The third chest is in the top north-west corner. It contains a DreamRG, but opening it will cause a fire to damage your lead character by 50hp again. Although not stated, the dream ring will protect your character from the "Sleep" status.

From here, head east, and around the platform with the stairs. The fourth chest is on the northernmost platform directly east of it. This chest contains a herb, and will poison your lead character. Now, walk to the northern edge of the room, and go two platforms east to reach the next chest. Should you walk along the southern edge, you will fall into a pit-trap. This chest contains an IronSH, and will curse your lead character.

Walk along the eastern edge of the platforms, and go south to the final chest. Should you go west, you'll fall through yet another pit trap. This time, the stairs are in the centre of the northern wall.

The final chest contains a Dagger, and will cause your lead character to lose 50AP. From here, the stairs are just to the west.

On the next open floor, there are two items to the north. The one on the left, the B.Rang cannot be accessed without smashing the rock, which none of your characters can do at present. The chest on the right contains HeadGear, but will kill your lead character. With luck, Nina will have 'Renew' by this point - just make sure it's not her who gets hit. Heal whoever was killed before heading north, as there is an enemy waiting.

After its defeat, the EyeSpy will exclaim that "you're only human! You're not supposed to have this much power!" before disappearing. Walk down the stairs he was guarding. The red chests contain an antdt, an IcyHT, two SkullHTs, and a Cure. Open the blue chest and the room will begin to flood.

After Nina admits that she can't swim, Bo suggests searching the room for a way out. As the party frantically search, Karn appears, commenting that only a fool would be caught by such a simple trap.

Karn asks the party why they were searching for him, and Bo explains that someone is trapped in the safe in Auria. Karn agrees to help if they bring him the Book of Thieves, and Nina suggests that he come and search with them. After a little persuading, Karn agrees to join the party. Follow him down the stairs.

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