Detailed Storyline (Breath of Fire)

Warning: This page contains spoilers for the first Breath of Fire game.

People live and die, as countless as the stars in the sky, as fleeting as foam in water.

Why are we brought into the world, only to depart so quickly?

On a cosmic scale our lives flash by in the blink of an eye.

The Dragon Clan built a mighty empire, then faded fast, like a falling star.

During their short reign, the Dragons fought meaningless battles in pursuit of empty dreams.

Now, an ominous force emerges and to repeat the cycle.

This new menace is the clan of Dark Dragons.

Forgetting that the Dragons once laid waste to the land...

The Dark Dragon Clan again plunges into the world of chaos.

Using new powers given by a mysterious goddess, the Dragons engage in global conquest

Who is this dark power that rants evil wishes?

Will the Light Dragons emerge to bring peace to the world?

The Dark Dragons press on.

Before the world is theirs...

Before the goddess is revived...

The Light Dragons must fight back!


[edit] Drogen

The first Breath of Fire game opens with Ryu being awakened by a Dragon. He is a member of the Light Dragon tribe, and the village is engulfed in flames. Ryu must escape immediately or perish - although you can still take the time to take a V.Ptn from the nearby chest of drawers.
Ryu is rudely awoken.

On reaching the doorway, where much of the village is gathered, Ryu is informed that the onus of defence is on his sister, Sara - shortly before the scene is interrupted by the arrival of the Dark Dragons. Zog the Dark Dragon King, has vowed to conquer the world.

Sara warns the villagers that they stand no chance. Although they vow to help her, seeing that they are determined to fight, she says she must stand alone. She then turns the majority of the villagers to stone, in order to protect them from harm. Before leaving, she whispers in her brother's petrified ear;

"Be strong. When you're a warrior, you'll bring peace to the world."

Heading outside, Sara is immediately captured by Dark Dragon guards, and taken to their commander, Jade, Zog's assistant. When she asks why he has attacked their peaceful village, he informs her that he was merely following orders - to destroy all Light Dragons. Sara becomes enraged and attacks him. The guards run away, and they are left to a one-on-one confrontation.

During the battle, Jade informs Sara that the Dark Dragons are in possession of artefacts known as the 'Goddess Keys'. Although these are not yet explained, Sara is shocked at the news. She asks what he will do with Tyr, the goddess. He doesn't answer. The following text is displayed;

When the Dragon Family was at the peak of its power, a Goddess of Desire appeared.

The goddess Tyr granted wishes. The Dragons fought with each other for her power.

Tyr encouraged the fighting and watched the war between the Dragons escalate.

When the world was at the brink of destruction, a warrior stepped forwards.

The warrior battled Tyr with his 7 Companions and locked her up using his 6 keys.

These "Goddess Keys" were scattered throughout the world and hidden away.

The Light Dragons balanced the power of the family and peace reigned again.

After Sara's defeat, the villagers awaken to a destroyed village. They debate between the protection of the Light Dragons, and their own safety, with some of them believing that the foretold Warrior of the Dragon is merely a myth.

The destruction of the village forces their hand, and most villagers escape. With only the clothes on his back (and 300g), Ryu is sent out into the hostile world. It's generally a good idea to level up a little before going any further. Try to reach level 4 before entering Camlon. Do not buy any new weapons or armour - you'll be able to pick some up in the first dungeon.

[edit] Camlon

On reaching the nearby town of Camlon - where most of the Light Dragon family have fled - Ryu finds it in ruins (although still not as bad as Drogen). The castle has been invaded by monsters, and Ryu is the only one capable (and willing) to go in and defeat them.

Shortly after the entrance, you will find a spring of healing water. There are also walls you cannot break.

Shortly after the spring, Ryu will come across two chests containing 70g each - right next to another spring. Since the monsters here give fairly good experience, you may wish to level grind for a few minutes, until reaching level 5.

On the second level of the basement, Ryu will soon find two chests behind a locked door. They contain a herb and a Bronze Sword. Another two chests are nearby, containing a Herb and a Gauntlet.

A set of stairs in the corner will take you back up to another part of the first basement floor. However, this section is very short, as Ryu soon finds another set of stairs leading back down to Basement Two. Fairly quickly, Ryu finds another Herb and a Suede Cape, and a visor and another herb fairly close by. Soon, Ryu comes across another set of stairs, leading back up to the first floor.

The first chest on this floor is a trap - one that heals all HP and AP. Ryu also finds an antidote (known as 'Antdt' within the game). Over to the left is another chest containing an antidote, although the trap on this one results in the loss of AP. Perhaps it would be best to open those in another order.

On heading up the stairs, Ryu will find himself attacked by an outsize frog. This is the first enemy you will meet with a second wind, although you'll soon find that this feature is common to most bosses. After the frog's defeat, Ryu will be able to access the final two chests - a herb and 150g.

Upon exiting the castle, the King hails Ryu with the complement 'not a false hero'. He also claims to recognize Ryu's scar. As an earthquake hits, the King abandons this line of conversation with the more urgent message that the Dark Dragons must have the 'Quake Control'. Ryu is asked to head to Nanai and turn it off. As the world map is essentially very linear, it is unlikely that you'll get lost on the way. You'll need to go through the desert.

You may also notice a few odd marks on the world map. Their use will become apparent later.

[edit] Nanai

Nanai is heavily guarded, so Ryu will need to enter at night. Once past the first guard, you'll find a Dragon Temple (complete with statue) and a S.Ptn in a chest of drawers in the Inn. You'll also find two chests containing 150g each in a house to the north of the Inn. In a house in the Northeast corner of town, are two chests, each containing a herb.

It will take a little trial and error to get past the guards, but there's no penalty for taking as many goes as you like. However, soon, you should head to the castle in the centre of the town. Head downstairs (you can explore a bit first, but there's nothing else there).

Head right from where you start first, to find a Antdt. Then head back. Head down, left and up, to find a chest with 650g. Then head back down and over to the right to get a B.Stn. Follow the only remaining path to reach the stairs.

After going down a few more floors, you'll find another confusing one. Go right for 70g and an armpad. Then head back to the entrance and go down and left for a F.Stn, then over to the right for a Cure. Take the only available path to the next set of stairs.

The next floor is the one that contains the quake machine - and the second boss. After defeating the Knight, take the key from the machine.

A sinister voice says " while you can for I am returning..."

Step on the blue hole nearby to transport yourself out of the dungeon. You will then be taken back to Camlon, where Ryu is informed that his actions destroyed Nanai - and that it was the right choice to make. You are advised to head to Winlan in the East. From there, you should be able to reach another Kingdom.

[edit] Winlan

Again, it is a fairly linear path to Winlan. Head Northeast from where Nanai was. Once there, you will find that no one can use the tunnel to the next land without the King's permission.
Ryu, Nina, Bo and Ox outside of Winlan.

On entering the castle, Ryu finds a rather tense situation. The King has refused to betray the other kingdoms to the Dark Dragons.

Ryu asks to speak to the King, and overhears a conversation between the maid and the Princess Nina. It seems that the King has been poisoned.

Nina asks that this be kept secret until they have located the remedy. Ryu is shown to one of the guest rooms while Nina heads out in search of the cure for her father. You now take control of the Princess Nina.

On the lower floor, you can find two chests containing herbs, and another four to the west containing a SuedeSH, SuedeHT, a herb, and an antidote. Head down another floor. There are more chests here - two in the southwest corner, containing an antidote and a herb. Then head back up to the ground floor and leave the castle. Leave the city, and head west to the cave. There, the two guards will temporarily join the party.

[edit] Aura Cave

Inside the cave, head forwards and down the stairs. On the third floor down, take the ramp to the left in order to reach the treasure chests. The second contains a SuedeGN, and the third has 150g. The fourth contains I.Ore, and the fifth chest contains 70g. Once you've opened all of these chests, head back to where you were and head north. You'll soon pass another chest containing a herb, and after the bridges, yet another. Before heading up the stairs, go down the ramp to the left for a B.Stn.

On the next floor, again, head left before going up the stairs for a C.Stn.

Outside of the cave, head east to Romero.

[edit] Romero

After talking to a few villagers of Romero, it becomes apparent that some of them are zombies. Try not to panic. They claim that this is due to the effect of the Remedy.

Talking to a few more of the villagers will reveal that girls have begun disappearing, ever since the Wizard of Karma began using his potion. It may be worth buying Nina a Gown and a BronzRP. Despite its price, the SilkGN is not better. Do not upgrade the soldier's equipment - they'll be leaving soon.

Head to the house above the Inn (the one on the right), and fall down the hole in the floor. Push the jars out of the way (one can be pushed into the wall to the left), then head up and push the barrel. Search where it was to find the Map. Once you have that, exit the town to the west. Keep going straight west, and you'll find yourself in Ramui Woods.

[edit] Ramui Woods

While Nina can heal the party, her AP may be depleted fairly quickly due to the high encounter rate. It will be effective to use the E.Key Ryu picked up in Nanai to take care of large enemy groups. The E.Key will unleash an earthquake attack against the enemies and can be used infinitely. Early on in the next area, you'll come to a healing spring, so don't worry too much about your party being weakened.

Head left until you come to a crossroads, then head north. Over to the left of this area, you'll find a treasure chest containing a herb. Head back to the crossroads.

From this point on, it becomes a little complicated. In order to find the other three items in this forest (another herb, 150gp, and a bandage) you may find it best to consult a walkthrough. This one has an ASCII map which may help. The bandage is a new shield for Nina.

Once through the forest, you'll find yourself just outside of Karma Tower. Enter it.

[edit] Karma Tower

Head down the stairway just to the north first, to find two treasure chests containing herbs. Back on the ground floor, head to the right, and then up. Ignore the ghost for now, and take the path next to it. Go south for a chest containing an M.Drop. Then go north and head left along the northern edge of the tower.

Go south when you can, and when the path splits, keep to the eastern side. You'll come to a set of stairs going up, which lead to a room containing a treasure chest with an M.Drop. Once you have it, head back down, and go to the ghost that you saw before.

After defeating Morte, head up the stairs that he was guarding.

Once on the next floor, head east then south until you come to a set of stairs going down. Back on the ground floor, you'll find a treasure chest containing a Charm. Head back to the first floor, and go to the passageway just north of those stairs. There'll be another set of stairs leading up, which go to a single room containing a treasure chest on the second floor. This chest contains a Cure.

Go back down to the first floor, and head back up the path to the east. This time, go along the passageway at the northernmost edge of the floor. Go down the south west passageway when you can, and you'll come to another set of stairs going up. Head to the second floor.

Go north, then take the western passageway going south. At the end of it, you'll find a treasure chest containing another Charm. Head back up to where you were, and this time, go east along the northern edge of the floor. Go south when you can; at the end of this passage will be a set of stairs going down. Go back down to the first floor.

Go north. You'll find two holes in the floor and a set of stairs going up. Go up the stairs, and you'll find a chest containing another Charm and four holes. Falling down the lower two will take you back to the previous room. Falling down the left of the upper two holes will result in you falling through two floors in succession, while the one on the right results in falling only two floors. Either way, the latter is what you want to do.

Falling down two floors will take you to another room, with a set of stairs going up, and yet another hole (falling down here (or through the left hole) will you take you back to the basement room containing two treasure chests, and a set of stairs leading up, which are just north of the entrance to the tower). Go up the stairs, to find a room containing another set of stairs going up. If you go up, you'll find another set of stairs going down, and another ghost guarding a passageway. Take the stairs first. You'll find another set of stairs going down, then a treasure chest containing a Life2. Finally head back to the other ghost and defeat Mortea.

Once defeated, head up the stairs she was guarding. You'll find yourself in a large, round room with a bridge over to the left that appears when Nina steps on the switch.

In this next room, you will find three girls who say they were kidnapped by the wizard, for use as guinea pigs. Flip the switch, as they ask, by opening the door and having Nina step on it. Head up the nearby stairs for another healing spring and a statue of the Dragon god. There's nothing on the topmost floor at present, so head back downstairs. Go down the now unblocked stairway near the three girls. Note that if you left the room after flipping the switch, you'll need to do so again.

Pick up the Cure in the chest and head down the next set of stairs. Follow the linear path on the next floor to find the next set of stairs and reach the room where the remedy is kept.

There you will be interrupted by the Wizard of Karma. He will defeat the party (don't even try to struggle). Fortunately, one soldier will escape, taking word to Winlan of the princesses capture before he passes away from the force of the Xeon gas. Realising that it is only Winlan people who are affected by the gas, the soldier's ask Ryu to help. Pick up some chainmail and save at the Dragon Temple before leaving Winlan.

Outside, Ryu joins a part of Winlan soldiers. One of them carries him to Karma Tower on his back (since Ryu can't fly).

Ryu will find himself with the soldier on top of Karma tower. Head downstairs to the room with the remedy. The solider will leave the party just before the stairs.

Take the leftmost path first, to a treasure chest. It is trapped, and will recover all of Ryu's HP and AP. It contains a foil, which you may wish to equip since it hits all enemies in battle. Now head back to the center path.

After defeating the Wizard, Ryu will gain the remedy. Nina will collapse, and Ryu will carry her up the stairs, where they will both be flown back to Winlan. On arrival, Nina will leave to take the remedy to the King.

[edit] Return to Winlan

Ryu heads upstairs to the King's room. There, he finds Nina giving her father the remedy. She fears that it isn't working, until the King announces that he feels better and jumps out of bed. Nina thanks Ryu for saving her father's life.

In return, Ryu asks for permission to use the tunnel. Nina announces that she wishes to go with him; Zog's power can no longer be ignored. After realising how serious she is, her father grants his permission, and Nina joins the party.

Assuming you do not wish to visit the weapon or item shops, head to the castle basement. After Nina tells the guards that they have permission, the party are allowed to enter the tunnel. Remember to come back here with Karn later to access the treasure chests behind the locked door.

Once on the other side, explore a little. Press 'start' to bring up the map you found - you're heading to the twinned towns on the river. Go to Tantar on the western bank first (the bridge across is to the north).

[edit] Tantar/Tuntar

Talking to the townsfolk reveals quite a dilemma. The Dark Dragons have used a large rock to block the river, resulting in a drought. In exchange for removing this rock, Zog wants the Ring that is Tantar's treasure. The rock is far too big for any of the townsfolk to move, and the neighbouring village is suffering too, yet the Chief of Tantar refuses to give up the Ring. The Chief of Tuntar is all for giving in to the Dark Dragons.

Go to the Blacksmith's house (the one to the south east) and exchange the I.Ore from Aura Cave for a Saw.

Now head to Tuntar, on the eastern bank. You'll need to exit Tantar and cross the bridge to the north.

In Tuntar, the townsfolk will talk of a Stone Robot, in a place known as the Stone Cemetery to the north. The chief of Tuntar will announce that he doesn't wish to get involved, and that Tantar should just give up their treasure. Inside the chest of drawers in the Inn you can find a Cure.

Now, leave Tantar/Tuntar. To the Northwest, you'll come across a slope heading upwards. Follow the path, ignoring the second slope, until you come to the center of the forest. Ryu will use the saw to clear it. The Saw will break at this point.

[edit] Lament Woods

Be careful here - some of the stronger enemies are faster than you. Use the Foil and the E.Key, and remember to keep your HP over 25 or so.

Head north along the path, then west. Go south until you can go north again, and open the treasure chest. It contains a herb. Backtrack a little, and take the western path north. Keep heading north until you come to a chest containing a T.Drop.

Go south, and take the first path you come to heading east. Keep going east, and you will see a chest slightly to the north. Head towards it. It contains a Wrist, which you may wish to equip on Nina. Either can equip it, but it will lower your speed. While Ryu can sometimes get the first blow in, Nina will rarely do so, so it's easier if she takes the speed drop. Furthermore, she has lower defense, and could do with the bonus.

Head south from here, as far as you can, then west. You should come across two treasure chest soon, one containing a T.Drop, and the other a Life.

Now, head for the North-easternmost part of the woods and enter the building.

[edit] Dark Dragon Fort

Talk to the guards, and they will attack you. After defeating them, head through the doorway to the north. A trapdoor will open, dropping you into a room containing four chests. These contain two Life, a LongSD, and a T.Drop.

Think carefully before equipping Ryu with the Long Sword. Although it has stronger attack power, it will only hit one enemy. Head up the stairs, and follow the linear path around. When the path splits, head north. If you go south, you will fall through the floor again, ending up in the same room as before.

Heading north, you will soon come across another set of guards. This battle is identical to the previous one.

Before heading down the stairs, go south. You'll come to a room containing four chests - a herb, a T.Drop, a Life2 and an Acorn.

Now, head down the stairs, then down the new set of stairs right next to you. You'll come to another room containing four chests - two herbs, a T.Drop, and a WolfHT. The south-eastern chest, which contains the WolfHT, will trigger a fire, damaging your lead character by 50hp. Head back upstairs.

You should be able to see a chest to the north-east. Don't head directly towards it - instead, walk around to the east, and then north. There is another pit trap which you will run into if you head directly north. Once you've opened the chest (which contains another herb), go as far west as possible, then south for a chest containing another herb. Head north now, and face the three guards. They assume you're here to rescue the Chief of Tuntar.

After defeating them, the chief will thank you for saving him, and suggesting looting the place before leaving. Although that was probably what you were thinking anyway, this chief seems a little odd...

You have no choice but to say yes.

After doing so, the chief will lead Ryu and Nina down the corridor, before asking them to step into a room while he opens the secret passage. Being innocent, trusting and naive, they do so, and the gate closes behind.

The chief will celebrate Ryu and Nina's gullibility, saying that they will make a nice snack for Pog. Pog is the two-headed dragon-like monster that Ryu and Nina are now forced to fight.

After the battle, the fake-chief will be furious, and scream that "you're not getting away with this warrior!"

Fortunately, at this point, Bo interrupts with a few well-placed arrows. He tells Ryu and Nina that he snuck into the Fort from the back, and rescued the real chief while Ryu and Nina kept the guards occupied.

The chief will reveal himself to be the general, and engage all three party members in battle.

After the battle, the chief will stalk off, yelling sulkily that the party may have won the battle, but they haven't won the war. The river is still dry.

The real chief tells the party that the Dark Dragons were searching for the Ring,and tells your party of their new mission - to find a way to move the rock that's blocking the river.

Bo now officially joins the party, on the grounds that Zog is his enemy too. Leave the fort and the woods now - there is nothing left here.

[edit] Return to Tuntar

The party return to Tuntar to speak with the newly rescued Chief. He tells them that the Stone Robot can move the rock - and that they should look for the Robot's secret in Agua.

Agua is near Romero. Head back there, past Winlan and through Aura Cave. Put Bo at the head of the party so you can walk through the forests (use the L button to switch).

[edit] Return to Romero

Once in Romero, upgrade your equipment, and head to the north-easternmost house. The man there tells you that if you rid them of the zombies, he'll tell you about Agua. Head out to the world map, and walk around until it's dark. Once night falls, head back to the old man's house, and talk to the people upstairs. One will mention Cleansing Water, that might save the soil. Head back to the front of the town, and talk to the old lady.

At first, she refuses to tell you anything about the Cleansing Water - then her zombie husband persuades her otherwise. She relents, and he opens his tomb, which contains a water jar for you to bring the Cleansing Water back in.

Jump into the grave (no, really), and take the Water Jar and the Herb from the chests. Leave Romero, and head to Karma Tower.

The forests here are a good place to hunt - while Bo can walk through the woods, the animals can't.

From Karma Tower, head south. You should see a cave nearby. Walk around the western edge and enter from the South.

[edit] Ease Cave

From the entrance go north and take the first right turn, to find a treasure chest containing a Herb. Head back to where you were, and take the left turn. When the path splits, go right for a chest containing another herb. Then take the left split. As the path turns, you'll come across a chest containing a NiceHT, which should be equipped on Nina. Follow the path around, and take the next right turn. Follow the path, past the stairs, until you come to a chest containing an F.Stn. Then go back to the stairs, and go down.

Take the south-eastern path first, for another chest containing a herb. Then backtrack to the stairs, and go north. Take the first right path for a T.Drop, then backtrack and keep heading north. Follow the path around till you reach the stairs, then go down to the next floor.

Take the north-west path to a set of stairs heading up, and pick up the last two chests from the previous floor - a BronzHT and an Apple. Then back track and take the south-western path.

Head downstairs, and walk into the water (you won't get very far). Press A and the Water Jar will fill with Cleansing Water. The party hurries back to Romero, where they sprinkle the water over the soil. The Cleansing Water purifies the soil and the zombies disappear. The party heads to the old man's house.

The old man thanks the Warrior (again, ignoring the other two party members) and gives them the Tablet they need to enter Agua. The other four treasure chests contain a herb, a cure, and antidote and 900gp.

As they leave Romero, the party hears a number of rumours - firstly, the key in Agua is guarded by a boss...and secondly, that the tower has something to do with the Goddess.

[edit] Agua

Head to the floating tower, just Northwest of Romero. Your lead character will read the inscription on the tablet, and the tower will float near enough to be entered.

Walk up the stairs, and head to the floating tablet to the south. Float across the gap, and go left for treasure chests containing a herb, a Life2, an apple and an acorn. You cannot reach the other treasure chests on this floor at present - later, you will need to return here with Ox, to break down walls, and Karn, to open locked doors. Follow the path around and go up the stairs.

Take the floating platform south, then take the north-western one for a SunHT. Take the only platform east, and you'll be back on the first platform.

Go south again, and take the south-eastern platform. You'll find a chest containing an IronSH here. Take the only platform back to the entrance.

Go south again, and this time take the south-western platform to reach a chest containing a ThiefCL. Take the Northern floating platform, and you'll reach the stairs to the next floor.

On the next floor, head left and down for a chest containing an Acorn. Then take the platform east.

Take the south-western platform for a chest containing a Hairband. Go north to reach the chest containing a Herb, then take the platform going east to be back in the middle again. Take the south-eastern platform this time. You'll find a chest containing a Bracelet. Take the northern floating platform, which will take you to the stairs. Go up.

Walk to the right. You'll find that you can walk right into one wall, just before the path goes south. Press A here to find a Steel Bow. Go south and take the platform to the left. Heal before inspecting the purple orb, as when you do the Guardian of the Key will challenge you.

After defeating him, you will be told that you deserve the key. Examine the pillar, as Wisp advised to receive the KngKey. Have your party make their way out of the tower, and, if you wish, use Nina's warp spell to get back to Tantar.

[edit] Stone Robot

From Tantar, head Northwest until you see a slope. Walk up it, then head northeast. You're aiming to reach the northern edge of this area. You'll find a slope to the far north; walk up it, go east, then go down the next slope. Go east, and down into the pit where the Stone Robot is standing. Your party can enter from its left leg.
The Stone Robot.

Inside the robot, go straight ahead, to the stairs in the northwest corner. Keep walking up the floors of the robots leg until you reach its pelvis. There you will find two chests (and you may not wish to consider which part of the robot's anatomy you are currently located in). The chests contain a BronzHT and a Herb. Head up the stairs on the right.

Here is the Robot's heart, guarded by Dark Dragons. Have Ryu equip the Foil again, to make this battle a little easier. The general will demand that you give him the key before attacking you.

After the battle, have Ryu head up and examine the panel in front of the heart, in order to use the KngKey on it.

After using the key, the transporters dotted around the area will begin to work. You cannot avoid stepping on the one in front of the heart, but it will simply bring you straight back to itself. Head back up to the stairs, and step on the teleporter to the left.

Ignore the teleporter straight in front of you, and follow the path around to the next one. In this second room, take the western teleporter, in order to reach the Acorn. Now teleport back, and you will find yourself in front of the heart again.

Get to where you were before, and this time take the eastern teleporter. Take the nearby teleporter for two chests containing a Life2, and a Marbl1.

Go back, and this time take the further teleporter. Follow the linear path, until you come to a strange room. This is the Stone Robot's mind. Examine it to control it.

Nina commands the robot to take them to the lake. The robot does so. Bo exclaims "When the robot destroys the rock we'll restore the river!"

Nina commands the robot to do so, and the Stone Robot uses a laser beam to destroy the rock. Bo says "Yes, Ryu! We did it!"

Nina responds "Now we can return to the village!"

Make your way out of the robot and head back to Tantar.

The Chief of Tantar gives the party a new mission - to find the Forest Clan's treasure, the Ring, which is hidden in a cave upstream - the one that the Stone Robot is now standing next to. The Chief will allow the party to access the two treasure chests under his chair; they contain a Herb and the Key. You may wish to buy some more Acorns before continuing - relying on Bo's magic will make the next boss battle much easier.

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