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Deis (pronounced DAY-iss) is a recurring character in the Breath of Fire series. Due to a translation issue, she was known as 'Bleu' in the original SNES releases of the first two games.

Unlike Ryu or Nina, the other two continually recurring characters of the series, Deis is always herself. While Ryu and Nina are descendants or reincarnations of their previous selves, Deis is always the same character, who lives for thousands of years, to the point of near immortality. As a sorceress, she can take many forms, but her favourite is half-woman, half-snake - a Naga. This may be said to be her 'natural' form, since she always reverts to it. However, it is entirely possibly that it is simply the one she likes best. This becomes more likely when one considers that, when Deis is unconscious and imprisoned, she reverts to a human form.

Deis has long dark blue hair (easily past the start of her tail), and in the first two games, wears a hooded purple cape with gold trim, held in place by a heavily jewelled, wide gold brooch which stretches across her collar bones. Beneath this, she wears a purple wrap-around top, slit almost to the waist, held firmly in place with a golden belt. This top covers the top of her tail, falling in a v-shape, decorated, again, with jewels. All of Deis' jewels are red or green.

Deis' tail is green, with a white underbelly. It starts off fairly thick, and tapers to a slim point. When she sleeps, she curls up on top of it.

In Breath of Fire III, Deis' appearance changes. At first, she is shown in a human form, with loose hair. Later, she is in her naga form, with her hair in a high pony tail, and a subtly different top. It covers her breasts, much like a bikini, but leaves her stomach exposed. The seam between her tail and her upper body is again covered with another part of the shirt, and her sleeves are large and flamboyant. She isn't wearing her purple cape.

In Breath of Fire IV, Deis' keeps her hair in the same style - tied up rather than loose.

Deis tends to be fairly arrogant and blunt, especially towards Nina, although she shows an almost sisterly concern towards Ryu (except when she flirts with him). It is shown that Deis enjoys attention, particularly from attractive males. When the team enters her dream world in Breath of Fire IV, it is shown that she has surrounded herself with handsome young men who wait on her hand and foot. When shown nude, Deis is completely unselfconscious.

Despite her more self-centred qualities, Deis is always shown to be on the party's side.
Deis' and her tail.

When the first Breath of Fire game begins, Deis is already hundreds of years old, and was a part of the original team that locked Tyr away. She joins the party, and helps them contain Tyr once again.

In Breath of Fire II, Deis is a secret character. Should you seek her out in the Temple of Wisdom, she will join the party once again, and helps to defeat Myria's child.

Breath of Fire III is the first game in which Deis is not a playable character. During the history of the Dragon Wars shown in the game, Deis stood against the Guardians who hunted the Dragons, and was locked up. When she is released, assuming Ryu tells her that he likes her snake form best, she becomes a master, teaching the party her spells in exchange for their loyalty.

At the end of the game, the party defeat Myria at Myria Station, which collapses. As the party escape, Myria is trapped, and begins to fall to her death. Deis appears, and refers to Myria as 'sister'. It is assumed that the two die together.

In Breath of Fire IV, the third character to join the party is Ershin. Ershin is always entirely covered in armour, to the extent where the other party members cannot tell what gender or species she is. She laughs at inappropriate times, and continually refers to herself in the third person - i.e., "Ershin wishes..."
Concept art of Deis.

Later it is revealed that Ershin is merely a suit of armour, with nothing inside it. Deis has been summoned to the world of Breath of Five IV, much like Ryu, and in her case, the summoning left her without a body. Instead, she is inside the suit of armour, and her presence seems to have given it life. "Ershin" means master, and when using it, the armour refers to Deis.

Although Deis is later freed, the armour is unable to move without her. Taking pity on it, she remains within it. Should one achieve the ending of Breath of Fire IV where the party is forced to battle the joint forces of Ryu and Fou-Lu, Deis/Ershin will not attack him; instead, she defends until the party are defeated.

Deis does not appear in Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter. Or, at least, not anywhere Ryu happens to be looking.


[edit] Deis' in Breath of Fire

[edit] In Game


[edit] Deis' Spells

Deis learns the following spells as she levels up;

Deis' Spells
Spell Effect AP Cost Learned at level...
Exit Warps players out of current dungeon 20 Already learned.
Flare Level 1 Fire attack. Single enemy. 3 Already learned.
Spark Level 1 Electric attack. Single enemy. 4 Already learned.
Cold Level 1 Ice attack. Single enemy. 5 Already learned.
3.5 Level 1 Earth attack. Single enemy. 3 Already learned.
Para Breifly stops enemy movement. 10 Already learned.
Bomb Level 1 explosion attack 5 Already learned.
Sap Absorbs enemy HP, adding to the character's 1 Already learned.
Warp Warps to a town (Dragon Shrine). 2 Already learned.
Rub Instantly kills a single enemy 20 Already learned.
Flame Level 2 Fire attack. Single enemy. 6 Already learned.
Fry Level 2 Electric attack. Single enemy. 10 Already learned.
Frost Level 2 Ice attack. Single enemy. 9 Already learned.
5.5 Level 2 Earth attack. Single enemy. 8 Already learned.
Boom Level 2 Explosion attack. Single enemy. 11 Already learned.
F.Ball Level 3 Fire attack on all enemies. 9 20
L.Storm Level 3 Electric attack on all enemies. 11 21
Chill Level 3 Ice attack on all enemies. 12 22
Flee Automatically escapes battle. 20 23
9.5 Level 3 Earth attack on all enemies. 15 24
Blast Level 3 Explosion attack on all enemies. 18 25
Gale AP Level 4 Electric attack on all enemies. 24 26
Ice Level 4 Ice attack on all enemies. 30 28
Char Level 4 Fire attack on all enemies. 36 29
Nova Level 4 Explosion attack on all enemies. 42 30
IceX Level 5 Ice attack on all enemies. 48 31
FireX Level 4 Fire attack. Single enemy. 30 32
Drain Drains an enemy's AP 2 32
BoltX Level 3 Electric attack. Single enemy. 30 35
Nova X Level 5 Explosion attack. Single enemy. 54 37
Comet All enemies hit with a meteor. High damage. 75 40

[edit] Deis' Equipment

Deis' best equipment in Breath of Fire is as follows;

Best Weapons/Armour
Name Stats Obtained Additional Comments
Weapon GlowCN Gained through Gobi's Sidequest.
Shield MaskSH
Armour EvilAR
Helmet CursedHT

[edit] Deis' in Breath of Fire II

[edit] Deis' Spells

Deis learns the following spells as she levels up;

Deis' Spells
Spell Effect AP Cost Learned at level...
S.Boom Already learned.
Flame Already learned.
Death Already learned.
Pwr-Down Already learned.
Ag-Up Already learned.
Atk-Up Already learned.
Drain Already learned.
Warp Already learned.
Bomb Already learned.
Freeze Already learned.
Ag-Down Already learned.
Def-Down Already learned.
Def-Up Already learned.
Sap Already learned.
Exit Already learned.
F.Ball 36
Hail 37
Missile 38
BoltX 39

[edit] Deis' in Breath of Fire III

When the party travel to the Angel Tower, Garr is told that in order to speak to God (Myria) he must first resurrect Deis (it is unknown why Myria requests this).

The party seek out Guardian Gaist, who was the one who first contained Deis. He asks to speak with Ryu alone, and then challenges him to a duel. After his defeat, he uses his dying breath to inform Ryu that his death was the only way to release Deis.

With Gaist defeated, the party head back to Angel Tower. As they approach Deis' chamber, she is released. She asks Garr to step closer, before unleashing five hundred years of anger on him.

Before the game began, a great war was fought, between the Guardians (who look astonishingly like the monsters Myria almost unleashed in Breath of Fire II) and the Dragon Tribe (otherwise known as the Brood). Deis stood against the Guardians and Myria, and was trapped inside that chamber because of it. She has been stuck there for the past five hundred years, placing this game at least six hundred years after Breath of Fire II - probably longer.
Deis' character sprite in Breath of Fire III.

Deis informs the party that she is returning to the Cave of Ages, at the base of Mt. Zublo, and promptly vanishes.

The party follow her there. When Ryu examines the wall at the back of the Cave of Ages, he and Garr are transported to another place, where Deis appears from the shadows. She is now in her more traditional naga form, explaining that she can only use her powers fully in that shape. Should Ryu tell her that he prefers this form, your party will have the chance to have Deis as a master later. Deis will unleash Prana, the Eye of the God - a mythical force that will direct the party towards God. It points across the impassable northern sea.

At the end of the game, the party defeat Myria and escape from Myria Station as it collapses around them. Deis appears to confront Myria, and calls her 'sister'. This is the first time this relationship is revealed, and lends a bitter-sweet undertone to their thousands of years fighting against one another. It also explains a lot about Deis herself - her long lifespan, and her continual battle against Myria and for the Dragon Tribe.

It is assumed that the two die together.

[edit] Deis' as a Master

Masters (BoFIII)

To gain Deis as a master, head back to the Cave of Ages after obtaining the boat, and have Ryu approach the back wall again.

When talking to Deis, you will be given two options; "Yes ma'am", or "Yes, mighty mistress!".

Should the player choose the second option, Deis will assume Ryu is being sarcastic. She's not that vain.

Apprenticing under Deis gives the following stat changes each level;

Deis' Stat Changes
Stat Change
AP +3
Power +1
Agility +1
Intelligence +3
HP -3
Defence -3

Deis' stat changes would most suit a mage - such as Nina.

Deis' Skills
Level Skill Given Effect AP Cost
2 Inferno Flame attack against all targets. 10
5 Blizzard Frost attack against all targets. 10
8 Myollnir Electric attack against one target. 10
11 Sirocco Flame and Wind attack against all targets. 12
15 Celerity Abilities up; usable only occasionally, at fixed intervals. 0

[edit] Deis' in Breath of Fire IV

A Fanart image of Deis taking a bath in Ershin. Deis is shown in her human form, with legs instead of a snake's tail. Within the series, she only takes this form once, in Breath of Fire III.

[edit] Ershin's (Deis') Spells

Ershin's (Deis') Spells
Spell Effect AP Cost Learned at level...
Wild Shot 7
Quake 23
Inferno 28
Typhoon 35
Primus 45

The first skill on this list is a physical attack. The rest of the list consists of offensive magic used by Deis in previous games.

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