Cray is a playable character in Breath of Fire IV.

The young leader of the Woren tribe, Cray is highly reminiscent of Rei from the previous game. In one instance, he even copies his trademark "Doesn't that beat all?".
Cray and some of his tribe

However, unlike Rei, Cray fights with a giant club, which resembles a large cricket bat. His outfit also differs from Rei's, as does his upbringing.

While Rei was an orphan, and the Woren tribe had no fixed abode, Cray is the son of the former chief of Worent, the village of the Woren. The chief is now dead, and although Cray's mother is still alive, she no longer lives in Worent.

He has a strong relationship with Princess Elina of Wyndia, a friend from childhood, and is also good friends with her younger sister, Nina. When Elina goes missing, he does not hesitate in embarking on his quest to find her.

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