Breath of Fire IV

Breath of Fire IV
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom SFC GBA
Release date: PlayStation
JP April 27, 2000
NA November 28, 2000
PAL August 3, 2001
Windows (PC)
JP May 30, 2003
EU September 10, 2003
Genre: Console Role-Playing Game
Game mode: Single Player
ESRB rating: T
Platform: PC, PSX
Media: 1 × CD-ROM

Breath of Fire IV is the fourth game in the Breath of Fire series. However, unlike its three predecessors, it is not a direct continuation from the other games. Where it is in correlation to the other games is debatable, with the most popular theories being that it is a prequel to the first game, or else that it is set in a parallel world.

Despite this, many aspects remain similar, with reappearances of Ryu, Nina, Deis and several cameo characters from Breath of Fire III. Fishing also returns, along with the faeries and a slightly altered master system.


[edit] Synopis

After centuries of fighting, in the war between the East and West continents, a ceasefire is finally given. Relief is expressed from both sides, but many still assert that the war 'is not yet over'. But for now, peace reigns, and people can start rebuilding.

A year passes, and in the Eastern Alliance, Princess Elina of the kingdom of Wyndia disappears. Her younger sister Nina sets out to find her, along with her friend Cray, the leader of the Woren tribe. Shortly after they set out, their sandflier is wrecked by an attacking dragon, and Nina is forced to set out for repairs.

On the way, she falls into a giant crater, and there encounters another, more mysterious dragon. This vanishes, and in its place she discovers a blue-haired- naked- young man, who cannot remember who, nor where he is. This is Ryu, and Nina asks him whether he wants to tag along with her on their quest to find Elina. This he quickly accepts, not knowing where else to go, and guided by destiny.

Meanwhile, the founder of the Fou empire is rising from his thousand year sleep. There's someone he's been waiting for, and at last, the time has arrived...

Nina, Ursula, Scias, Ershin and Cray.

[edit] Characters

  • Ryu- A young blue-haired amnesic man, who wakes up in a crater with no recollection of who he is.
  • Nina- The Princess of Wyndia, looking for her missing older sister. She's cheerful and bubbly, though slightly naive and childish.
  • Ershin- A mysterious suit of armour who refers to herself in third person.
  • Cray- The leader of the the Woren tribe, now out searching for Elina with Nina. He's dependable and can keep cool in most situations, though occationally he can explode in a temper when things get too much.
  • Ursula- The arrogant captain of the Fou Empire, Ursula is slightly bossy. She's a trustworthy soldier who has risen through the ranks, and is the last character to be introduced.
  • Scias- A mercenary from Ludia, all Scias seems to care about is money. He has the appearance of a dog, and possesses a very bad stutter.

[edit] Battle System

Battle in BoF IV is turn-based, with the player picking which attack or spell to use for all three playable characters before they are used. Depending on the characters' speed stats, they may attack before or after the enemy.

Screenshot showing characters (from left down) Ryu in his dragon form, Ershin, and Scais.

In addition to this, there is also a 'bench' system. All six characters (once found) participate in the battle, though only three can be active at one time. The other three stand back out of the screen, recovering AP with every turn. These can be switched in and out during the player's round. When an active character is KO'd, he is immediately replaced with a character from the back bench.

In IV the 'examine' technique returns, where a character can 'watch' an enemy, and copy its' skill. This skill is added to the character's skill list, and can be exchanged with others in the camp scenes. Characters can only learn a set number of skills however, and skills from masters are also added to these lists.

[edit] Pc Requirements

  • 226 MHz Intel Pentium II CPU
  • 64 MB RAM
  • Direct 3D compatible graphics card with 8MB RAM
  • 4x CD-ROM drive
  • 300MB free hard drive space
  • Direct Sound compatible sound card
  • DirectX 7, Windows 98 operating system or above.

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