Breath of Fire III

Breath of Fire
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom
Release date: PlayStation
JPN September 11, 1997
NA April 30, 1998
PAL October 8, 1998
PlayStation Portable
JPN August 25, 2005
EU February 10, 2006
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Game mode: Single Player
ESRB rating: T (Teen)
Platform: Playstation, PSP
Media: PSX
1 x CD-Rom.
1 x UMD.


[edit] Story

As the game begins, a dragon is awakened in a mine. It escapes, but wakes up as a human in a forest, where he is found by Rei and Teepo, two orphans who live together in a shack nearby. They discover that this new orphans name is Ryu.

[edit] Characters


[edit] Fishing

The fishing mini-game is a major part of Breath of Fire III, and is one way to find some of the rarest items in the game.

[edit] Faerie Village

Although not a compulsory part of the game, the Faerie Village has many helpful features.

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