Breath of Fire

Breath of Fire
Developer: Capcom
Publisher: Capcom SFC GBA
Release date: Super Nintendo
JPN April 3 1993
NA October 10 1994
Game Boy Advance
JPN July 6 2001
NA December 13 2001
EU December 14 2001
Genre: Role-Playing Game
Game mode: Single Player
ESRB rating: E (Everyone)
Platform: SNES, GBA
Media: 24-megabit Cartridge (SNES)
64 megabit cartridge (GBA)

When the Dragon Family was at the peak of its power, a Goddess of Desire appeared.

The goddess Tyr granted wishes. The Dragons fought with each other for her power.

Tyr encouraged the fighting and watched the war between the Dragons escalate.

When the world was at the brink of destruction, a warrior stepped forwards.

The warrior battled Tyr with his 7 Companions and locked her up using his 6 keys.

These "Goddess Keys" were scattered throughout the world and hidden away.

The Light Dragons balanced the power of the family and peace reigned again.


[edit] Release Dates

The first game in the Breath of Fire series, Breath of Fire was released in Japan in April 1993, then North America in October 1994. Almost ten years later, the game was re-released for the GBA, with new character designs and general polishing up. It was available in Japan in July 2001, and in North America and Europe on December 13th and 14th respectively of the same year.

[edit] Gameplay

On first starting the game (GBA), you can choose the text speed (fast, normal or slow), whether Dash is 'normal' or 'auto' and whether the music is on or off.

Starting a new game is a little tricky. First, choose 'new game', choose the name of your hero, and set the above options. You'll then be taken back to the starting screen, where you must choose to load the save you just created.

In-game, saving can be done through statues of the Dragon God, which are usually found in temples. The player can also make a quick save from the world map, although this will result in the game automatically quitting. This save will be deleted once it is loaded.

The world of Breath of Fire has a very basic time system - a simple switch between day and night. Some things can only be accomplished at one time or the other, such as breaking into Nanai which must be done at night.

[edit] Battle System

Battles take place on a detailed screen of whatever area Ryu is currently standing in. With the exception of boss fights, battles are random and usually take place on the world map or in dungeons.

During battle, an icon menu (or a text one in the GBA version) appears with the options of either attacking, changing positions with another party member, using a spell or using an item. By pressing "right" the player selects the "run" option. This gives the player the chance of fleeing the battle.

It is possible to put your party on 'auto' mode for each battle, by pressing 'left' to select auto, then confirming with 'a'. In auto mode your party will continue to attack with weapons until the player either presses 'b' to cancel or until either they or the enemies are dead.

When defeated in battle, the player is transported to the place of last save, with all health and MP restored.

[edit] Storyline

Detailed Storyline Part I | Detailed Storyline Part II

The plot focuses on the war between the tribes of the Light and Dark Dragons. Years before, when the Dragon Tribe were at their strongest, a Goddess of Desire named Tyr appeared. She granted wishes, and the Dragon Tribe tore each other apart, fighting for her. Eventually, a legendary warrior and his seven comrades managed to contain her with six keys, which were then scattered throughout the world. The Light Dragon family fought to keep the balance, and largely succeeded - until Zog of the Dark Dragons decided to take over the world.

Over the years, the families lost their Dragon powers, and are now Dragon in name only. It is widely believed that the Light Family still retains this power, although this is not the case.

Warning: From this point on, this page contains spoilers for the first Breath of Fire game.

[edit] Drogen

Ryu wakes up to the destruction of the village. It is revealed that the Dark Dragon family are attacking the Light Dragons - emperor Zog, the leader of the Dark Dragons fears them, because he believes they still have the power of the Dragon.

As the Dark Dragons amass outside, the villagers of Drogen vow to fight with Sara. Knowing that to do so would be certain death, she temporarily turns them - including Ryu - to stone. Before leaving, she whispers in her brother's petrified ear;

Sara confronting Jade in Drogen.

"Be strong. When you're a warrior, you'll bring peace to the world."

Outside, Sara faces Zog's second-in-command Jade. He informs her that the Dark Dragons hold the six Goddess Keys, which hold the Goddess of Desire, Tyr. Her release would bring disaster on the Dragon tribe, as it did before. They must be stopped - but, unfortunately it won't be by Sara.

Several hours after the battle, Ryu and the other villagers awaken. Many flee to nearby Camlon. With only the clothes on his back, Ryu follows them.

[edit] Camlon

Following the fleeing residents of Drogen, Ryu finds Camlon in ruins, after being attacked by the Dark Dragons. Monsters have also taken up residence in Camlon Castle, which Ryu must clear.

After clearing the castle, the King realises that Ryu is a true hero, and comments on his scar. However, the conversation is cut short by an earthquake, and the realisation that the Dark Dragons must be in control of the 'Quake Control'. Ryu is asked to go to Nanai and switch it off.

[edit] Nanai

Ryu enters Nanai to find it heavily guarded. Waiting until nightfall, he sneaks past the guards and enters the palace. Heading underground, he finds a Knight guarding the machine. After defeating him, Ryu removes the key from the Quake Machine, only to hear a sinister voice warn him;

"...Run while you can. For I am returning..."

Not needing to be told twice, Ryu uses the portal to the left of the machine to get out of Nanai as the city collapses. An advisor from Camlon takes him back to the King, where he is hailed as a true hero, despite the destruction of Nanai. He is advised to head to Winlan, where he will find a bridge to the next Kingdom - conveniently the destruction of Nanai has stopped it from continuing to block his path.

[edit] Winlan

On reaching Winlan, Ryu finds that he needs the King's permission to use the bridge. However, when he arrives at the palace, he finds that the King is unavailable. Having refused to betray the other Kingdoms to the Dark Dragons, he has been poisoned by the Wizard of Karma.

Ryu battles a monster (SNES version).

Princess Nina of Winlan, in charge by proxy, has decided to keep this a secret until she can find the remedy needed. Ryu is shown to one of the castle's guestrooms and asked to stay the night, waiting for the King's return. Nina sets out to find the remedy.

[edit] Romero

After heading through Aura Cave, Nina and her guards reach 'the backwards town' of Romero. There, they find zombies wandering the village. Talking to a few villagers reveals that the Wizard of Karma has used a potion to bring the dead back to life - and that since he began using it, the ground has become discoloured, and the girls of the village have begun to disappear.

Nina's group head through Ramui Woods, to the west of Romero, and from there to Karma Tower.

[edit] Karma Tower

Nina and her party fight their way up past the ghosts of Karma Tower. On the topmost floor, they find the missing girls of Romero, who it seems the wizard had been using to test his potion on. The party continue to the room where the Remedy is kept. Angered by the release of his prisoners, the Wizard unleashes Xeon gas, which is fatal to Winlan people. Although Nina and her guards attempt to fight, it is no good. Nina decides that she will distract the wizard while one of the guards escapes to fetch help. Although this plan succeeds, the wizard is so angered that Nina and her remaining guard are soon defeated.

Back in Winlan, they ask the 'outsider' Ryu to help, realising that Xeon gas won't hurt him. He agrees to rescue Nina, and is flown to Karma tower by the guard. There he defeats the wizard. While thanking him, Nina collapses, and Ryu carries her up the stairs. They head back to Winlan, to take the remedy to the King.

[edit] Return to Winlan

Back in Winlan, Nina gives the remedy to the King. She worries that it isn't working until he announces that he feels better and jumps out of bed. Seeing that he is okay, Nina announces that she intends to go with Ryu to face Zog. The King grants his permission, and Nina joins the party. Ryu is given permission to head through the tunnel to the next Kingdom.

[edit] Tantar and Tuntar

The group heads to the towns of Tantar and Tuntar, where they find the river blocked by the Dark Dragons and the townsfolk suffering. After having the Tantar blacksmith forge their I.Ore (picked up in Aura Cave) into a Saw, they head to Lament Woods.

[edit] Lament Woods and the Dark Dragon Fort

Ryu and Nina make their way through Lament Woods, finding the Dark Dragon Fort hidden deep inside. Ryu and Nina battle their way through the guards, the last set of whom ask if they are here to rescue the Chief of Tuntar.

After they are defeated, the chief will suggest looting the place. Ryu and Nina agree to have him lead them to the weapons; the 'chief' betrays them, trapping them in an arena with a monster. After they defeat it, the fake chief begins vowing revenge and a wolfish warrior appears. He explains that while Ryu and Nina distracted the guards, he sneaked in the back way and rescued the real Chief. At this, the false chief removes his costume and reveals himself to be a General of the Dark Dragons.

Although the party easily defeat the General, as he retreats he points out that, though they have won the battle, they've yet to win the war. The river between Tantar and Tuntar is still dry.

The real chief tells the party that the Dark Dragons were searching for the Ring, and informs them of their new mission - to find a way to move the rock that's blocking the river.

As he leaves, the wolfish warrior introduces himself as Bo and joins the party, on the ground that Zog is his enemy too.

[edit] Ease Cave

The party return to Tuntar to speak with the newly rescued Chief. He tells them that the Stone Robot can move the rock - and that they should look for the Robot's secret in Agua, north of Romero.

The party head to Agua, making their way through Winlan and Aura Cave. They discover that they cannot reach Agua, as the bridge which connects to the floating tower is not there. An old man in Romero promises to tell them the secret if they remove the zombies from Romero. A girl upstairs in the same house tells them of Cleansing Water in a nearby cave, which will purify the soil.

When nightfalls, the party talk to an old lady, who is delighted to have her husband back with her. At first, she refuses to talk to them, as removing the zombies will mean her husband will leave again. However, her husband changes her mind, and shows the party to the Water Jar, which they can use to transport the water.

Bo leads Ryu and Nina through the woods, and they soon reach Ease Cave, which is south of Karma Tower. At the bottom of it, they find the Cleansing Water, which they take back to Romero. After using it to purify the soil, the old man gives them the Tablet they need to enter Agua.

As they leave Romero, they hear a rumour...that Agua is somehow related to the Goddess...

[edit] Agua

The party use the Tablet to enter Agua, and make their way to the top of the tower. There, they defeat the Guardian of the Key, and receive the KngKey, which is used to power the Stone Robot. The party use Nina's warp spell to make their way back to Tantar.

[edit] Stone Robot

From Tantar, the party heads north, to the desert where the Stone Robot is waiting. They make their way up to the heart of the robot, which is guarded by Dark Dragons. The party soon dispatches them, and uses the key to power up the robot. They then make their way up to the creature's mind.

Ryu uses the key on the robots mind, and Nina commands it to walk to the lake. Once there, Bo yells "When the robot destroys the rock we'll restore the river!". Nina commands the robot to destroy the rock and it does so using its laser.

The party return to Tantar and Tuntar, to find the entire peoples of the two villages in Tantar, witnessing a wedding between two citizens. During the wedding, a Dark Dragon General takes over the Stone Robot, and uses it to destroy Tuntar. As he orders it to destroy Tantar, it freezes, and Ryu, Nina and Bo take the opportunity to hurry inside the robot to confront him.

After the battle, the general will disappear, and the Stone Robot will start moving. They get out near the southern volcano, shortly before the Stone Robot walks into it, destroying himself. This causes the volcano to overflow, and the magma solidifies over the river, creating a bridge.

Nina says "There was a quiet voice. It said 'Goodbye...'"

Bo replies "And it asked us not to make the same mistake."

[edit] Dragon Shrine

The party cross the river to the south, where they come to a Dragon Shrine. Only Ryu is allowed to enter. He must defeat Talon in order to gain his first few dragon transformations. As he leaves, the Dragon advises him to use his powers wisely, to bring peace to the world.

Leaving the shrine, to the south, the party find fairies protecting the forest, and a man they have cursed to wander in circles. The party head South, through Cape Cave to Auria, where they are promptly imprisoned as suspected thieves.

[edit] Auria

After escaping from jail (a very simple matter of asking the sleeping prisoner to pick the lock), Nina, Ryu and Bo talk to the townsfolk of Auria. They hear rumours that Zog is able to transform into a dragon, as well as learning of the Light Key, which keeps Auria perpetually lit, and can be reached by going through the safe.

At the dockyard, the party learn that the ships are owned by Ross. Ross is willing to lend the party a ship - as long as they rescue his daughter, who has locked herself inside the safe. The party head through L & D Cave, to the east, to reach the legendary city of thieves, Bleak.

[edit] Bleak

In Bleak, the party learn that a thief named Karn is capable of opening the safe...but, he's gone on a journey to Krypt, to find the legendary Book of Thieves (thieves have a lot of legends).

After exchanging a bar of gold (bought in Auria) for an Icicle which will allow them to cross the desert, the party head through the Desert Cave to the west of Bleak, and then on to the desert town of Arad. There, they learn that the chief of Arad has the Fife needed to access Krypt. He's willing to give it to the party...if they defeat the SandWorm which terrorizes the village every full moon.

Fortunately, that night happens to be a full moon, and the party is victorious.

After obtaining the Fife, the party heads south to the dungeon of Krypt, where the item creates a bridge over the constant whirlpools.

[edit] Krypt

In Krypt, Ryu, Nina and Bo are assaulted by almost constant traps. After facing a guardian, who exclaims that "you're only human! You're not supposed to have this much power!", the party find themselves in what appears to be the final room.

After opening the last chest, the room begins to fill with water. As Nina admits that she can't swim, Bo yells that they need to look for another way out. At the last minute, Karn appears, muttering that only a fool would be caught in so simple a trap.

Karn asks the party why they were searching for him, and Bo explains that someone is trapped in the safe in Auria. Karn agrees to help if they bring him the Book of Thieves, and Bo suggests that he come and search with them. After a little persuading, Karn agrees to join the party.

[edit] Characters

[edit] Player Characters

The entire cast of playable characters in the first Breath of Fire Game. Ox is in the background, Mogu is on the left in the foreground, and Karn is on the right in the foreground. Middle row, from left to right; Nina, Bo, Ryu, Gobi, Deis.
  • Ryu - The silent protagonist. A member of the Light Dragon tribe. You may choose his name at the beginning of the game.
  • Nina - A winged Wyndian princess. Her hometown is actually known as Winlan in this incarnation.
  • Deis - Occasionally known as Bleu, due to a mistranslation issue on the part of Squaresoft. An ageless polymorphic sorceress.
  • Bo - A wolfish hunter.
  • Karn - A crafty thief.
  • Gobi - A Manillo cast out of his tribe.
  • Ox - A Blacksmith.
  • Mogu - A mole.

Best Weapons and Armour for each Character

[edit] Light Dragons

Ryu is a member of the Light Dragon family, who live in Drogen, and who keep the Dragon tribe at peace.

  • Sara - Ryu's sister.

[edit] Dark Dragons

  • Zog - the main antagonist. The leader of the Dark Dragon family branch of the Dragon tribe.
  • Jade - Zog's second in command.

[edit] Others

  • Tyr - The Goddess of Desire, also known as Myria.

[edit] Locations

Drogen - The village of the Light Dragons, it is mostly destroyed at the start of the game. The village contains basic weapons and item shops, free healing and a save statue.

Camlon -

Nanai -

Winlan - Hometown of Nina and the Fae Tribe.

Aura Cave - A cave to the East of Winlan. It is normally guarded.

The cave is a veritable treasure trove.

Romero - A town that sports a graveyard. Unfortunately, when night falls, the town becomes overrun with zombies.

Karma Tower

Tantar/Tuntar - Twinned towns on opposite banks of a river. Bo's hometown.

Lament Woods - Lament Woods contains the Dark Dragon Fort.

Dark Dragon Fort - Deep within Lament Woods. Bo joins the party here.

Agua - Located to the north of Romero.

Ease Cave - A cave containing Cleansing Water.

[[Stone Robot - Both a location and a character.

Lake Cave - A cave where the Forest Clan's ring is hidden.

Dragon Shrine - A place across the southern river from Tantar and Tuntar, where Ryu gains his first three Dragon forms.

Cape Cave - A cave which must be passed through to reach Auria.

Auria - An extremely rich port town, to the south of Tantar and Tuntar.

L & D Cave - A cave linking Auria and Bleak.

Bleak - The legendary Kingdom of Thieves. Karn's hometown.

Desert Cave - A cave linking Bleak with Arad.

Arad - A town in the middle of the southern desert which is regularly attacked by a SandWorm.


[edit] GBA Release


On the 6th of July 2001, Capcom re-released Breath of Fire to the Gameboy Advance handheld system. It was released in North America on the 10th of December and in the UK and Australia on the 14th. Whilst being almost a direct port, it has myriad new features. The battle screen was changed to a text menu as opposed to the previous icon based array and the ability to "run" by holding the B button, akin to Breath of Fire II.

It also has link cable capabilities. By linkning dual Gameboys with the Link Cable, it is possible for players to trade items with friends.

Whilst the game was well recieved by critics and fans alike, it achieved only mild success.

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