Bo is a character in the original Breath of Fire game. A wolfish hunter from Tantar, he is the third character to join your party. His name is derived from his weapon of choice, a bow.

On the world map, Bo is able to shoot arrows at the various animals that appear. Should they hit, he will receive an item. A similar hunting mini-game appears in Breath of Fire IV. He is also able to walk through forests on the world map.

Bo is a member of the Forest Clan. Much like the Wing Clan, or Fae Tribe, the Forest Clan are a group with similar genetic traits - in this case, they all resemble wolves. Bo very much resembles a wolf around the face and neck, but with a more man-like body. Shorter fur covers his arms and chest than does his face and collar. He is bare-chested, with a yellow bandanna around his throat, green trousers and knee-length leather boots. He is extremely muscular, and fights with a bow and arrow. Although he could, theoretically, equip some of the shields in the game, in practice he cannot use a bow and hold a shield at the same time.

Statistically, Bo has a high level of attack and HP but lacks defence. This makes him a vulnerable target against many enemies.

[edit] In Game

Warning: This page contains spoilers for the first Breath of Fire game.

As Ryu and Nina enter the Dark Dragon Fort within Lament Woods, Bo sneaks in through the back entrance. He rescues the Chief of Tuntar as Ryu and Nina battle the guards, then rescues them from the fake chief.

The chief becomes furious at this interruption, and removes his disguise, revealing himself to be the General. Bo, Ryu and Nina easily defeat him, after which he screams that, though they may have won the battle, they have not won the war - the river is still dry.

Bo's menu image.

The chief explains that the Dark Dragons were searching for the Ring, which is the treasure of Tantar, and that they must now find a way to remove the large stone that is preventing the river from flowing.

As the chief leaves, Bo introduces himself to Ryu and Nina. Realizing that they are on a similar mission, he asks to join them.

The party return to Tuntar to speak with the newly rescued Chief. He tells them that the Stone Robot can move the rock - and that they should look for the Robot's secret in Agua, north of Romero.

The party head to Agua, making their way through Winlan and Aura Cave. They discover that they cannot reach Agua, as the bridge which connects to the floating tower is not there. An old man in Romero promises to tell them the secret if they remove the zombies from Romero. A girl upstairs in the same house tells them of Cleansing Water in a nearby cave, which will purify the soil.

When nightfalls, the party talk to an old lady, who is delighted to have her husband back with her. At first, she refuses to talk to them, as removing the zombies will mean her husband will leave again. However, her husband changes her mind, and shows the party to the Water Jar, which they can use to transport the water.

Bo leads Ryu and Nina through the woods, and they soon reach Ease Cave, which is south of Karma Tower. At the bottom of it, they find the Cleansing Water, which they take back to Romero. After using it to purify the soil, the old man gives them the Tablet they need to enter Agua.

As they leave Romero, they hear a rumour...that Agua is somehow related to the Goddess...

The party use the Tablet to enter Agua, and make their way to the top of the tower. There, they defeat the Guardian of the Key, and receive the KngKey, which is used to power the Stone Robot. The party use Nina's warp spell to make their way back to Tantar.

From Tantar, the party heads north, to the desert where the Stone Robot is waiting. They make their way up to the heart of the robot, which is guarded by Dark Dragons. The party soon dispatches them, and uses the key to power up the robot. They then make their way up to the creature's mind.

Ryu uses the key on the robots mind, and Nina commands it to walk to the lake. Once there, Bo yells "When the robot destroys the rock we'll restore the river!". Nina commands the robot to destroy the rock and it does so using its laser.

The party are then asked to retrieve Tantar's treasure, a ring, from Lake Cave, to the north.

On their return to Tantar, the party are told that that the villages are ready for the wedding, between a Tantar man and a Tuntar woman. After the wedding, the party are congratulated on retrieving the Ring, and advised to use the Stone Robot to cross the river, and reach the port town to the South.

As the villages celebrate in Tantar, a Dark Dragon General steals the Stone Robot, and commands it to destroy Tuntar. It does so, but freezes when it is ordered to destroy Tantar as well. Leaving the village, Bo, Ryu and Nina notice this, and take the opportunity to head up to the Robots brain and confront the General.

After the battle, the Stone Robot walks to the southern volcano, allowing the party members to leave when it reaches it.

The Stone Robot then walks into the volcano, destroying himself. This causes the volcano to overflow, and the magma solidifies over the river, creating a bridge.

Nina says "There was a quiet voice. It said 'Goodbye...'"

Bo replies "And it asked us not to make the same mistake."

The party decides to cross the river and head south.

The party cross the river to the south, where they come to a Dragon Shrine. Only Ryu is allowed to enter. When he leaves, the party continue south, to Auria, where they are promptly thrown in jail, as suspected thieves.

After escaping from jail (a very simple matter of asking the sleeping prisoner to pick the lock), Nina, Ryu and Bo talk to the townsfolk of Auria. They hear rumours that Zog is able to transform into a dragon, as well as learning of the Light Key, which keeps Auria perpetually lit, and can be reached by going through the safe.

At the dockyard, the party learn that the ships are owned by Ross. Ross is willing to lend the party a ship - as long as they rescue his daughter, who has locked herself inside the safe. The party head through L & D Cave, to the east, to reach the legendary city of thieves, Bleak.

In Bleak, the party learn that a thief named Karn is capable of opening the safe...but, he's gone on a journey to Krypt, to find the legendary Book of Thieves (thieves have a lot of legends).

After exchanging a bar of gold (bought in Auria) for an Icicle, the party head through the Desert Cave to the west of Bleak, and then on to the desert town of Arad. There, they learn that the chief of Arad has the Fife needed to access Krypt. He's willing to give it to the party...if they defeat the SandWorm which terrorizes the village every full moon.

Fortunately, that night happens to be a full moon, and the party is victorious.

After obtaining the Fife, the party heads south to the dungeon of Krypt, where the item creates a bridge over the constant whirlpools.

In Krypt, Ryu, Nina and Bo are assaulted by almost constant traps. After facing a guardian, who exclaims that "you're only human! You're not supposed to have this much power!", the party finds themselves in what appears to be the final room.

After opening the last chest, the room begins to fill with water. As Nina admits that she can't swim, Bo yells that they need to look for another way out. At the last minute, Karn appears, muttering that only a fool would be caught in so simple a trap.

Karn asks the party why they were searching for him, and Bo explains that someone is trapped in the safe in Auria. Karn agrees to help if they bring him the Book of Thieves, and Bo suggests that he come and search with them. After a little persuading, Karn agrees to join the party.

[edit] Bo's Spells

Bo's Spells
Spell Effect AP Cost
Flare Fire level 1. Single enemy. 3
Spark Thunder level 1. Single enemy. 4
Cold Ice level 1. Single enemy. 5
Fry Thunder level 2. Single enemy. 10
Flame Fire level 2. Single enemy. 6
Frost Ice level 2. Single enemy. 9
Cura Recovers HP by 50 points. 3

Bo already knows all these spells when he joins the party, and does not learn any new spells as he levels up.

[edit] Bo's Equipment

Bo's best equipment is as follows.

Best Weapons/Armour
Name Stats Obtained Additional Comments
Weapon HeroBW
Shield N/A As bows are two-handed weapons, Bo is incapable of holding a shield as well.
Armour IcyAR
Helmet AgileHT

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