Bleak is the Kingdom of Thieves in the original Breath of Fire game, and is Karn's hometown.

Bleak has an item shop, a weapon shop, a storage facility, and an Inn which offers free lodging. Do not take them up on this offer unless you have the pouch in your inventory - the owner of the Inn will attempt to steal your money in the middle of the night. Should you have the pouch, the party receives 5000g in return for their silence.

Another offer you should not take up is that of the fortune teller just north of the Dragon Temple. She's a con artist, who will take your cash, then leave you alone in a building with a parrot telling you to keep your eyes closed while she makes her escape. However, in the house behind her, you can find a Life2 hidden beneath a barrel, in the south-western room.

In the north-western house behind the shops, you'll find two chests containing Herbs on the second floor. Downstairs is a magician, who will offer to show you a trick for 100g. This is also a scam, but if you answer "yes", twice, then "no" twice, and finally "yes", you'll see a cameo of Chun Li from Street Fighter. You'll find another two chests containing herbs in the house next door.

In the northernmost house, you will be able to trade a G.Bar for an Icicle needed to travel through the desert. You will also find two chests upstairs containing a Life and a W.Ant.

[edit] Item Shop

Welcome to Item Shop. How can I help you?

Shop List
Item Description Price
Marbl3 Can travel avoiding enemies. 12g
Harb This item recovers some HP. 12g
Antdt Works as an antidote. 18g
T.Drop Cures "Zombie" state. 24g
Acorn This item will recover some AP. 36g
Charm You'll return to normal. 180g
Life Cures "Stun" state. 600g
Cure This item recovers some HP. 2400g

[edit] Weapon Shop

Welcome to Weapon Shop. How can I help you?

Shop List
Item Description Price
Dagger ATTK 32, Wt. 2, One-Handed. (Karn) 2000g
LongBW ATTK 28, Wt. 5, Two-Handed. (Bo) 2600g
BroadSD ATTK 34, Wt. 5, One-Handed (Ryu) 5000g
MetalSH DFND 16, Wt. 5, SHD. (Ryu, Bo) 1400g
HuntCL DFND 16, Wt. 4, ARM. (Ryu, Bo) 1500g
IronSL DFND 22, Wt. 5, SHD. (Karn) 2000g
BronzAR DFND 25, Wt. 9, ARM. (Ryu, Bo) 3600g.
WoolRB DFND 25, Wt. 2, ARM. (Nina) 5000g

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