Auria is a town in the first Breath of Fire game. It contains an item shop, a weapon shop, and an inn that charges 200gp per night. It also contains a Dragon Shrine, and therefore can be warped to.

You can complete the Fairy Woods subquest here.

[edit] Item Shop

What can I do for you?

Shop List
Item Description Price
Herb This item recovers some HP. 13g
Worm This is fishing bait. 65g
Life Cures "Stun" state. 650g
Vitamn Just what the name suggests. 650g
Marbl1 Produces one fatal attack. 1300g
Pouch It is secured by a string 1300g
Rod1 Ryu can equip this item. 1300g
G.Bar This is pure gold.

The Rod1 and Worm are both fishing equipment. Equipping them on Ryu will allow him to fish at wells on the world map.

The vitamin can be bought and given to the man in the bar upstairs. For this, he will reward you with 5000g.

The pouch will come in handy in the next village, as will the Gold Bar.

[edit] Weapon Shop

What can I do for you?

Shop List
Item Description Price
Rapier ATTK 10, Wt. 4, One-Handed. (Nina) 1650g
Dagger ATTK 32, Wt. 2, One-Handed. (Karn) 2200g
LongSD ATTK 26, Wt. 4, One-Handed. (Ryu) 2750g
LongBW ATTK 28, Wt. 5, Two-Handed. (Bo) 2860g
BroadSD ATTK 34, Wt. 5, One-Handed (Ryu) 5500g
Tiara DFND 10, Wt. 2, HLM. (Nina) 1650g
SunHT DFND 12, Wt. 8, HLM. (Ryu, Bo) 2750g.
SageML DFND 25, Wt. 14, ARM. (Ryu, Bo) 3300g

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