Accessories (BoFIII)

Throughout the game you can obtain accessories (also known as options) in a variety of different ways. They can be found, bought, stolen or won from enemies, and traded for with fish in the the Manillo Trading Shop.

Below is a table containing the name of each accessory, how it is obtained, the description as it appears in game, and additional comments (such as the easiest way to obtain a particular accessory).

Name Obtained Accessory Properties
Artemis' Cap TBA Increases Accuracy
Balance Ring TBA TBA
Barrier Ring TBA TBA
Bat Amulet TBA TBA
Bell Collar TBA TBA
Coupons TBA Receive 10% discount on all items bought in stores.
Cupid's Lyre TBA TBA
Diamond Ring TBA TBA
Dream Ring TBA TBA
Hawk's Ring TBA TBA
High Boots TBA Increases Defence stat.
Holy Mantle TBA TBA
Life Sandals TBA TBA
Light Bangle TBA TBA
Lion's Belt TBA Raises Willpower.
Midas Stone Item store in Wyndia. Increases zenny earned after battles.
Ring of Fire TBA Absorbs flame based attacks and converts them to HP.
Ring of Ice TBA Absorbs frost based attacks and converts them to HP.
Shaman's Ring TBA Reduces AP consumption by 25%.
Soul Gem TBA Revives the wearer once after being killed.
Speed Boots TBA Increases Speed stat.
Spirit Ring TBA Reduces AP consumption by 50%.
Talisman TBA TBA
Thunder Ring TBA Absorbs thunder based attacks and converts them to HP.
Titan Belt TBA Increases Power stat.
Wisdom Ring TBA Increases Intelligence stat.

TBA = To Be Added

This list is currently incomplete - in progress.

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