Warning: This page contains spoilers for Breath of Fire IV.

Yuna, a man from the empire to the west, is sometimes called the 'real villian' in Breath of Fire IV.

He is a cruel scientist who meddles in genetics and dark magic, though he always infers that he is 'doing nothing wrong'. He helps operate the Hex cannon, and is possibly its creator. He chooses Mami to be the sacrifice for the attack against Fou-Lu, recognising the strong bond between them, and using it to his advantage. Unlike Fou-Lu, his cruelty is reasonless, and through the game he never expresses any guilt.

His main experiments are linked with the subject of the Endless. In short, he is attempting to 'create a god' and he uses Elina as a body to conduct his experiments on. He convinces her to visit the west whilst in Synesta, convincing her to visit those left devastated by the war. He takes her to Astana, where the party later discover harrowing rooms filled with giant living organs, and walls strewn with blood.

He removes, or changes dramatically, the bottom half of Elina's body, so that it is indistiguishable from before, a mass of writhing organs and genetic material. By doing this, he has changed her into an Endless, an immortal. Why he chose Elina to be the subject of his experiments is unknown.

Before the final credits, Yuna states that though all the gods of the world are gone, he can create as many more as he desires. This leads on to the theory that he later created Myria and Deathevan, and that Breath of Fire IV is the prequel to the first game. However, this theory is complicated by Deis addressing Myria as 'sister' in a previous game.

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