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(Tables: added name. I know I'm linking to a page, not my user talk page thing, but there will actually be a Deis page. She's a character in the game.)
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[[Deis]] 11:47 9th October 2008 (GMT)
[[Deis]] 11:47 9th October 2008 (GMT)
You might want to ask this in the [ Wiki Help forum].
[[User:Redemption|Redemption]] 07:56, 10 October 2008 (UTC)

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New talk page.

I can't find an example anywhere of what these things are meant to look like. I just wanted to mention that, much as I love the new logo, it's a mixture of characters from Breath of Fire IV and the logo from Breath of Fire. Couldn't we get something more representative of the series as a whole?


^ Can you find an example of some source images that you think would be more representative of the entire series.

Redemption 17:14, 8 October 2008 (UTC)

game name capitalisation fixing

I noticed that you were complaining about the game titles going weird when you changed them to small off instead of big Of. I looked into it and think I know why, so after I take a look around I'm going to MOVE the games to Breath of Fire capitalisation and then we need to fix all the links pointing to the old ones.


As for the image, I can't actually find images more representative of the entire series, and I've noticed that most neowikis do have similar images, that only really show one part of the game.

I suppose we could go with one of those images that shows all five Ryus, but it's not so bad as it is. It's grown on me.

Deis 12:01, 8 October 2008 (GMT)


I'm thinking that for characters or concepts that appear in multiple games, there should be a mini hub page, with a general overview, which links to more detailed pages on whatever it is in the individual game. Fishing for instances. Where appropriate, I could link to a page such as 'Fishing (BoFIII)' which would contain listings of all the fish in Breath of Fire III, as well as fishing spots, weights, rods, and bait. When a game is not specified, I could link to the general fishing page.

When a game is specified, I think the following abbreviations should be used at the end of the page name as standard;

Breath of Fire: BoF Breath of Fire II: BoFII Breath of Fire III: BoFIII Breath of Fire IV: BoFIV Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter: BoF:DQ

Although, in that last case, 'DQ' could also work.

Deis 23:14 8th October 08 (GMT)

I think I know exactly what you're talking about regarding characters that appear in multiple pages. One way of doing this is to do it like how Disgaea has been doing the pages, they do one per game. Check out this page:

The pages they link to are in the form:


For instance, "Fishing (Disgaea 2)". They then use a custom title to hide the (Disgaea 2).

Redemption 01:34, 9 October 2008 (UTC)

They do the same thing in Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, which happen to be the only pages I can look at for fear of spoilers.

Do I have to use North American spelling, or is English fine? If I recall correctly, Canadian and Australia tend to be a mixture of the two. Furthermore, my firefox spell check will tell me it's right in English and wrong in American.


How can I make a table template which allows me to vary the number of rows? For instance, I'm using a standard template for shoplists in the first Breath of Fire's info, and here you'll notice that there's one few item to reach the end of the table.

There's also another table I want to use for several things - the one for spell lists. I want to use the same table for the first four Nina's spells, but they learn different amounts, so I need different amounts of rows, and I dunno how.:(

(You'll notice that the first Nina's spells are filled in).

Deis 11:47 9th October 2008 (GMT)

You might want to ask this in the Wiki Help forum.

Redemption 07:56, 10 October 2008 (UTC)