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Rei is a support character in Breath of Fire III, whose appearance resembles that of a tiger. He has quite a large and important role (Rei is even considered by some to be a main character), and like Teepo, Rei is an orphan who looks after Ryu after finding him in Cedar Woods. Rei has a light-hearted disposition, is very irresponsible, but at the same time, is also very protective of Ryu and Teepo who he considers to be his family.

In battle, Rei is extremely useful. With his high agility, pilfer ability, powerful attack and support magic, along with his powerful Weretiger transformation, Rei is the most well rounded ally to take into battle.

[edit] Rei in Breath of Fire IV

Rei makes a cameo appearance in Breath of Fire IV, along with Teepo and Momo.

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