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Momo is a supporting character in BoF III. She sports long ears, wears a loose baggy dress, with her hair in two pigtails, and carries a large bazooka.
Fanart portrait of Momo
Her attack does massive damage, but has the disavantage that it has a lower chance hit rate. She can also cast assist and recovery magic, along with a few earth elemental spells.

She is a female scholar interested particulary in machinery and chrysm. Ryu's party meets her at her tower home, though she often frequents the Plant, where genetically altered crops are produced (with the aid of chrysm). The Plant was set up by her father, who was a genius with machinery, and a role model to Momo. She follows Ryu in order to discover more about the mysterious Techno Age.

She has a happy-go-lucky attitude, and especially enjoys exchanging banter with Rei, teasing him, particulary during the camp scenes.

Momo in Breath of Fire IV

Momo makes a cameo appearance in Breath of Fire IV, along with Rei and Teepo. She can be found in the windmill in Wyndia and appears to have no recollection with what she is doing there. She states that she was in her room tinkering with her machinery, when she suddenly found herself there. The party can use her as a Master.

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