Bosses of Breath of Fire

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This page contains information on the bosses in the first Breath of Fire game.




You will face this enemy on the first floor of Camlon Castle. He has approximately 120hp, with a second wind of another twenty or so. You should be around level five or so before facing him, and you will probably need to use at least one herb throughout this battle.

When defeated, the Frog gives 500exp and 300gp.


You will face this boss underneath Nanai castle. He has approximately 250hp, with a second wind of between 50-80hp.

This boss is fairly powerful, with some strong magic spells. You should probably use a herb when Ryu drops below 25hp.

After the battle, you will gain 700exp and 500gp.


You will face this boss on the ground floor of Karma Tower.

Your best weapon in this battle will be repeated use of the E.Key for thirty damage each time.

Morte has approximately 120hp, with a second wind of less than 30hp.

After battle, you will gain 364exp and 260p.


You face this boss on the third floor of Karma Tower. She is Morte's sister.

She has around 150hp, and, again, has a second wind of less than 30hp.

After battle, you will receive 336exp and 240gp.


Nina's party begin this battle with one hit point each, and one AP. It is impossible to win. Put the party on auto until Nina suggests another plan.

Wizard (Round 2)

Again, it is impossible to win. Don't be alarmed at the fallen party message.

Wizard (Round 3)

This time, Ryu faces the wizard alone. He may dodge your attacks, so use the E.Key for a guaranteed hit. He has around 100hp, with a second wind of less than 30hp.

After defeating him, Ryu will gain 1000exp and 700gp.

Bowman and Lancer

You will be forced into this fight shortly after entering the Dark Dragon Fort in the north-eastern corner of Lament Woods. They each have 60-70hp, with no second wind. After the battle, you will gain 338exp and 260gp.

You will face an identical battle further into the fort.

Bowman and Lancers

This is the third fight in the Dark Dragon Fort. This time you face a total of three enemies - another lancer joins the battle. Simply use the foil and the E.Key, and they should fall fairly quickly. The enemies are exactly the same as in the previous battles.

After the battle, your party will gain 494exp and 390gp.


Pog is the final battle of the Dark Dragon Fort, and is set upon Ryu and Nina when they fall for the fake chief's trap. Pog is a two-headed dragon-like creature, with around 170hp. He has a second wind of around 50hp. During its second wind, Pog will have two attacks each turn instead of one.

After defeating the monster, your party will gain 1684exp and 962gp.


For this battle, you will gain a new party member - Bo.

While the General is fairly strong - dealing 20hp damage to Ryu and Nina and around 30 to Bo - he also has very low HP - around 120. Regular attacks from Ryu, the E.Key from Nina and level 2 spells from Bo should defeat him fairly easily. His second wind is relatively powerful, and has a second wind with something between 60-100hp.

After the battle, your party will gain 1560exp and 390gp divided between the three of them.


Wisp guards the KngKey in Agua.

This boss is much stronger than previous bosses, with HP of around 500. However, Wisp does not have a second wind.

After battle, you will receive 1200exp and 300gp between your three characters.

General and Lancers

You will face these opponents near the heart of the Stone Robot.

Exactly the same opponents you've faced earlier. The general has around 120hp, while each lancer has 70hp. Use the foil and the E.Key. The general has a second wind of around 100hp.

After the battle, your party will receive 1873exp and 650gp.


Your party will face this boss near the brain of the Stone Robot. He is exceedingly strong, with around 500hp, and a second wind that seems to be even higher.

Bo's Fry spell will do around 80 damage. Keep his AP up with Acorns, so you can use the spell throughout this entire battle.

The Gremlin has one attack which hits everyone for 15-20 damage, and another which just hits one person for around 20-50 damage. During his second wind, this damage increases.

Should your party's hit points get too low, you may wish to use some of the meat you can get from killing the boars. This will give recover all the party member's hp by 70 points.

After the battle, your party will receive 1400exp and 800gp.


Your party will need to defeat this monster in Arad in order to obtain the Fife (which will allow them to enter Krypt, to find Karn, who will rescue Ross' daughter, who will then allow the party to use his ship...).

As the SandWorm is weak against Thunder, you may wish to use Ryu's Thunder Dragon against it (since this is the first boss since obtaining the dragon forms, it's a good opportunity to play with them). Have Bo cast 'Fry' while Nina uses her supportive magic or the E.Key.

The SandWorm has around 1000hp, with a Second Wind of around 300hp. After the battle, your party will receive 1443exp and 1443gp.


Your party will face this enemy in Krypt.

EyeSpy isn't a terribly difficult enemy, unless you forgot to heal after opening the chest. If that's the case, have Nina use Renew every turn until EyeSpy decides to attack someone else, which gives you an opportunity to heal.

EyeSpy has around 1200-1300hp with a second wind of around 300-400. After the battle, your party will gain 2800exp and 2800gp.

Ryu's Dragons

In order to unlock more Dragon transformations, Ryu must win several battles one on one.


This fight will occur at the shrine to the south of Tantar and Tuntar. You can only reach this shrine after the Stone Robot has sacrificed himself, and turned the river to rock.

Talon has around 500hp, and will do 10-15 damage each turn. Just keep exchanging blows, healing with herbs when Ryu's hit points are too low. Talon has no second wind.

After the battle, Ryu will receive 400exp and 190gp.

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